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CAMMAC? Yep— CAMMAC! Canadian Amateur Musicians Musiciens Amateurs Canadiens. CAMMAC, a place to learn how to play an instrument, or simply make music amongst peers, and where fun is always on the menu.

Year after year, music lovers sharing the desire to explore music in all its forms reunite at CAMMAC for the pleasure of learning – in a non-competitive environment. Regardless of your age or skill level, let your sense of discovery be tempted and join us in the unique experience that is CAMMAC!

In addition to its Music Centre situated in the Laurentians, CAMMAC holds a presence within the regions of Ottawa-Gatineau, Toronto, and Montreal, where an array of musical activities are offered— ranging from concerts, to sight readings, and more— to the delight of Canadian music fans.

Every year, the Music Centre beckons participants from all over the world to spend time at its music camp in the Laurentians, spanning over seven weeks of the summer, on top of offering a variety of stays over the course of the year, to families, couples, and individuals of all ages. Within CAMMAC’s enchanting surroundings, immerse yourself in the best of what nature and music have to offer!

So, what are you waiting for? Come discover our music programs, professional concerts, and all of our other regional activities!

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At the CAMMAC Music Centre, not only can you play and create melodies by taking part in a week or week-end long program; you can also listen to them! CAMMAC invites you to attend its CAMMAC Festival— a series of 7 concerts & family brunches at the magnificent Lucy Hall of the Music Centre.

Follow our blog and read the real stories and testimonials inspired by CAMMAC, all the while perusing pictures of the site. You’ll find a few of them posted here, below… just to give you a taste.

We also invite you to check out our DONATION page where you can learn about all the thousands of different ways in which you can contribute, to help us continue to touch the lives of hundreds of people each year— a legacy which has thrived for over sixty years!


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