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Every year, the CAMMAC Music Centre welcomes participants from all over the world to spend time in the enchanting surroundings of our facility in the Laurentians. The CAMMAC Summer Music Camp spans seven weeks, and a variety of additional activities are offered throughout the year for amateur musicians of all ages and abilities. 

In addition to coming to the CAMMAC Music Centre to make music, you can also come listen to music! CAMMAC invites you to come enjoy the Sundays Music Festival, a series of seven concerts featuring internationally renowned artists which takes place in the magnificent Salle Lucie. The concerts are followed by a hearty brunch, to be enjoyed in our dining room and on our lakeside veranda. 

The CAMMAC Music Centre is unique in Canada.

Our mandate is to encourage people of all ages to experience the joy of making music together in a welcoming, supportive environment. CAMMAC’s vision and core values are an example of the kind of society we wish for in Canada: people living a happy, healthy and productive life that leads to personal growth and a sense of belonging and in a bilingual environment that builds bridges between our cultures. This transcends age, language and cultural differences and citizens who practice the arts bring an invaluable contribution to their communities.

To do this, CAMMAC only hires highly skilled professionals to guide amateur musicians and students of all ages and levels in their musical learning experience. To quote the Canada Council’s CEO Simon Brault in his book, “La Culture avec un grand C”, this is an example of a “participative culture”.

Many of Canada’s top musicians have studied at CAMMAC, including Yannick Nézet-Séguin, Daniel Taylor, Timothy Hutchins and Gregory Charles to name a few. Orchestras across Canada have musicians who have studied at CAMMAC. CAMMAC is a vital part of Canada’s music ecosystem. CAMMAC participants are highly representative of the core audiences for professional classical music concerts – the very people that make it possible for classical music to survive in today’s world.

Centre musical CAMMAC Music Camp

Make Music

Centre musical CAMMAC Music Camp

Listen to Music

Centre musical CAMMAC Music Camp


Centre musical CAMMAC Music Camp


And there’s more…

In addition to the Music Centre in the Laurentians, CAMMAC is present in the regions of Ottawa-Gatineau, Toronto and Montreal, where a multitude of musical activities are on offer – concerts, sight readings and many more activities to please music lovers of every type and level.


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2020-21: challenging times for CAMMAC

The major loss of the revenues resulting from the cancellation of our summer programs for two consecutive years has been a unique challenge that we continue to address with determination. We continue to create new opportunities for our community to come together to make music. Going forward, we will continue to create online workshops, concerts and more, and we will be back in person as soon as we are able, stronger than ever, with a new perspective on how we can better serve the community of musicians that has supported the organization for so many years.

For over 60 years, CAMMAC has been devoted to touching people’s lives through the power of music, by offering a wide array of musical activities for amateur musicians and music lovers of all ages and abilities. Founded on the belief that making music together creates a bond between people that transcends age, language and cultural differences, CAMMAC strives to create a welcoming, inclusive and supportive environment for all.

We need your help today. Your generous gift will help ensure that CAMMAC can continue to create opportunities for people to experience the joy of making music together.

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