Dear members of the CAMMAC community,

The Quebec government has announced that overnight camps, with the exception of those for the handicapped, are not allowed to open this summer.

This is very sad news, but does not come as a surprise.  The CAMMAC Board of Directors had very recently come to the very difficult decision to cancel our usual 7 weeks of summer programming and the Musical Sundays Festival concerts at the Music Centre for 2020. This decision came after weeks of intensive study and discussion with our Executive Director and our Artistic Director, as well as industry associations and government bodies.



For those of you who had already made reservations with us for this summer, we are offering several options, some of which would help us to soften the significant financial blow that this cancellation causes us:

  • Move your reservation and your deposit to the equivalent week in summer 2021. The summer 2021 weeks will have the same themes as planned for 2020. Details of the programming will be confirmed throughout the winter.
  • Leave the amount paid as a deposit for a future stay with us, applicable on any program.
  • Convert the full amount paid to a donation. A tax receipt will be issued.
  • Convert part of the amount paid into a donation or into a credit for next year and obtain a refund for the balance. A tax receipt will be issued for the donated amount.
  • Obtain a refund of 100% of the amount paid.

If you know which of the options listed above you would like to choose, please send us an email at communications@cammac.ca and we will handle your registration money according to your wishes.

Otherwise, we will communicate individually with each participant registered for the summer programs during the next few days to inform them of the exact procedure to follow for the smooth running of the cancellation process. This will be done in an orderly manner, starting with Week 1 and moving through to Week 7. Please wait for us to contact you rather than calling us, as our small staff are all working from home in this challenging time.



Meanwhile, we are doing everything we can to develop alternate activities for Summer 2020, such as on-line programming. If you have ideas or suggestions regarding off-site programming alternatives, please contact Guylaine directly.

Cancelling Summer 2020 will have a very serious impact on CAMMAC’s financial situation. We are actively pursuing all government subsidies and supports that are available to us. In addition, we have created a Finance Committee to support financial decision-making and special fundraising activities that will be needed to continue our operations into next year.

We thank you for your continued support in this difficult time, and we hope to be able to bring some of CAMMAC to you, in lieu of welcoming you at the Music Centre.

Susan King, President

Cynthia Bonenfant, Executive Director

Guylaine Lemaire, Artistic Director

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In addition to its Music Centre in the Laurentians, CAMMAC has a presence in the Ottawa-Gatineau, Toronto, and Montreal regions, where an array of musical activities are offered—ranging from concerts, to sight readings, and more—to the delight of music lovers.

Every year, the Music Centre beckons participants from all over the world to spend time at its music camp in the Laurentians, spanning seven weeks in the summer, as well as offering a variety of stays during the year, to families, couples, and individuals of all ages. In CAMMAC’s enchanting surroundings, immerse yourself in the best of what nature and music have to offer!

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Centre musical CAMMAC Music Camp


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At the CAMMAC Music Centre, not only can you play and create melodies by taking part in a week or weekend-long program, you can also listen to them! CAMMAC invites you to attend its CAMMAC Festival—a series of seven concerts and family brunches in the Music Centre’s magnificent Lucy Hall.

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