CAMMAC’s very first virtual edition of our 2020 Summer Music Camp kicks off on Monday, July 13th!


The world has changed a lot over the past few months, but CAMMAC’s mission remains to provide ways for our members to come together to make music, and to be able to learn from our skilled teaching staff of professional musicians.

We’ve prepared a wide array of courses for you to choose from: private and semi-private classes for all levels of players and singers, workshops, conferences, group classes, masterclasses and more, given by many of your favourite teachers, and some new faces too!

We’ll also be offering a fun series of free online get-togethers, including Cabaret and Chat events, Virtual Cocktail evenings, and more. You will also be treated to the quintessential CAMMAC happening, “Cheese with Francis Colpron”!

Please join us and help make CAMMAC’s first foray into the world of virtual music education a great success!

Let’s make music!



While the current crisis confronts us with major challenges at the CAMMAC Music Centre, there are many opportunities to continue to promote CAMMAC and work towards our mission and objectives. Our goal is that this virtual online program will become part of the educational and pedagogical offer of CAMMAC Music Centre.

We believe that this is an initiative that could continue well after the pandemic, as it allows CAMMAC to stay in touch with our members, and also helps our participants to prepare well for the programs at the Music Centre, once we re-open. It is also a commitment to our wonderful teachers during these uncertain times and beyond. So, this is a very positive and exciting project!

And of course, there is also an opportunity for CAMMAC to increase its visibility with the potential of attracting participants from all over Canada and around the world.

I hope you will join us for some of the activities, courses and workshops that will be offered in the coming weeks and beyond,



Dear members of the CAMMAC community,

Following the cancellation of our usual summer programming for 2020, the Board, Executive Director, and Artistic Director have been hard at work developing alternate plans for 2020. As you can well imagine, cancelling the summer season has had a serious impact on our budget. We have taken several steps to mitigate the losses.

First of all, since the Lake MacDonald site was closed following the Quebec government announcements in March, most of the staff were placed on temporary layoff, while an essential core has been able to work from home supporting our reduced 2020 mission. Those who were laid off have been able to access government benefits, and look forward to coming back on site as soon as we are permitted to open.

Second, our buildings were placed in shut-down mode, to reduce utility expenses, while maintaining safety-critical functions and ensuring that nothing is damaged in any way. Maintenance activities were reduced to the essentials.

However, the organization still has to cope with a major loss of revenue.

The Board has therefore created a Finance committee charged with supporting financial decision-making this year. The conclusion they have reached, which has been ratified by the Board, is that we cannot count on having any significant income from our usual forms of programming and rentals to the end of 2020.

At our June meeting, the Board accepted the Finance committee recommendation that we need to raise sufficient funds to offset those revenue losses:

Our goal is to raise $300,000 to bring us comfortably to the 2021 summer season registration period in April of next year.

To achieve this goal, we are looking at four sources of income:

  • On-line musical activities (and other alternatives as they become possible).
  • Special uses of the Lake MacDonald site (as permissions are granted).
  • Grants from governments and foundations (for COVID compensation and other needs).
  • Special 2020 fundraising appeal (including several different initiatives).


We have already made a lot of progress on all of these fronts:

Guylaine has been working with the week directors and teachers to develop some new and exciting opportunities for our members to connect online, with both social and musical activities on the agenda. We look forward to seeing you there, trying new things, and finding new platforms that will add to our activities in the future.

Cynthia has been actively following government directives, and has already applied for and received a number of special grants, with others coming in the next weeks and months. CAMMAC is now a member of the Association des camps du Québec ( ACQ ) which is working with provincial government bodies as well as certain regional bodies, to get compensation for the forced closure of an entire industry as well as to negotiate other operating options for this unusual year. CAMMAC is in a much stronger position to receive both compensation and permission to operate some aspects of our business as part of this strong organization. Joining with this and other organizations, Cynthia has also been able to begin forging connections that may well bring in new uses of the site and facilities.

And, last but definitely not least, through the Giving Tuesday appeal in May, the generosity of members who opted to turn their deposits for 2020 into donations, and a sizeable donation from the members of the Ottawa-Gatineau Region:

We have already raised over $70,000 toward our goal!

To keep the momentum going, and help our community thrive:

  • We encourage everyone to renew their membership for 2020, if they haven’t already done so.
  • We also encourage everyone to sign up for an activity or two when the program is released. Inscriptions will open later this week!


We have established a 2020 Fundraising Committee who are working hard on coordinating all the initiatives:

  • We invite members who have knowledge and experience in fundraising to join the effort.
  • We also invite members who love doing outreach to join the team.

In other news, the most recent announcement from the government of Quebec now allows us to have small group rentals as well as same-day use of the site, but does not yet permit CAMMAC programming with overnight stays. At present, we have been advised that full on-site CAMMAC programming will not be possible until sometime in 2021.

Cynthia and Guylaine are currently reviewing what on-site activities can be offered, where we can at least break even. More details will be provided as the options and possibilities become clearer.

We thank all our members and supporters for your participation, your love of music, and your belief in the CAMMAC mission.


Susan, David, Jean-Charles, and Margaret – CAMMAC Board of Directors Executive Committee

Discover CAMMAC: let’s make music!

Immerse yourself in the best of what nature and music have to offer!

Every year, the CAMMAC Music Centre welcomes participants from all over the world to spend time in the enchanting surroundings of our facility in the Laurentians. The CAMMAC Summer Music Camp spans seven weeks, and a variety of additional activities are offered throughout the year for amateur musicians of all ages and abilities. 

In addition to coming to the CAMMAC Music Centre to make music, you can also come listen to music! CAMMAC invites you to come enjoy the Sundays Music Festival, a series of seven concerts featuring internationally renowned artists which takes place in the magnificent Salle Lucie. The concerts are followed by a hearty brunch, to be enjoyed in our dining room and on our lakeside veranda. 

The CAMMAC Music Centre is unique in Canada.

Our mandate is to encourage people of all ages to experience the joy of making music together in a welcoming, supportive environment. CAMMAC’s vision and core values are an example of the kind of society we wish for in Canada: people living a happy, healthy and productive life that leads to personal growth and a sense of belonging and in a bilingual environment that builds bridges between our cultures. This transcends age, language and cultural differences and citizens who practice the arts bring an invaluable contribution to their communities.

To do this, CAMMAC only hires highly skilled professionals to guide amateur musicians and students of all ages and levels in their musical learning experience. To quote the Canada Council’s CEO Simon Brault in his book, “La Culture avec un grand C”, this is an example of a “participative culture”.

Many of Canada’s top musicians have studied at CAMMAC, including Yannick Nézet-Séguin, Daniel Taylor, Timothy Hutchins and Gregory Charles to name a few. Orchestras across Canada have musicians who have studied at CAMMAC. CAMMAC is a vital part of Canada’s music ecosystem. CAMMAC participants are highly representative of the core audiences for professional classical music concerts – the very people that make it possible for classical music to survive in today’s world.

Centre musical CAMMAC Music Camp

Make Music

Centre musical CAMMAC Music Camp

Listen to Music

Centre musical CAMMAC Music Camp


Centre musical CAMMAC Music Camp


And there’s more…

In addition to its Music Centre in the Laurentians, CAMMAC has a presence in the Ottawa-Gatineau, Toronto, and Montreal regions, where an array of musical activities are offered—ranging from concerts, to sight readings, and more—to the delight of music lovers.

So, what are you waiting for?

Come discover our music programs, professional concerts, and all our other regional activities!

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