October 1st is our membership renewal date for the year to come. For those of you who are already members, we ask that you renew your membership, if you haven’t done so already. If you’re not a member, we invite you to join us and become a member.

If you’re wondering why you should join, here are 12 great reasons to do so:

• 1 •

CAMMAC members hold a common goal with the organization: to support amateur music making for people of all ages, levels and backgrounds. Membership allows you to support our mission, which is to bring people together to experience the joy of making music together.

• 2 •

CAMMAC members are part of a vibrant and active community of like-minded music lovers – you will meet, sing and play with other amateur musicians in a welcoming and supportive environment both online and in person.

• 3 •

CAMMAC activities are led by highly skilled professional musicians from Canada and abroad, in an interactive and friendly atmosphere.

• 4 •

Our workshops and classes, both in-person and online, will provide you with personalized coaching and instruction, no matter what your level. And contrary to many other virtual music classes, CAMMAC’s online classes are not pre-recorded: classes are held live, allowing you to interact with the teacher.

• 5 •

Members can attend music programs at the CAMMAC Music Centre in the Laurentians:

    • Summer programs: 7 weeks of themed programming
    • Spring Break (March)
    • Bach Plus Weekend (May)
    • Thanksgiving Weekend and Banquet (October)

• 6 •

Members can participate in CAMMAC activities in their region (workshops, concerts, sight-readings):

    • Toronto
    • Ottawa-Gatineau
    • Montreal

• 7 •

Benefit from member discounts on CAMMAC’s online programming: workshops, masterclasses, lectures, private coaching, exclusive concerts, virtual cabarets and more.

• 8 •

Borrow music from our music library, which holds over 11,000 works.

• 9 •

Take part in activities in partnership with other cultural organizations:

    • Opéra de Montréal
    • Canada Council for the Arts
    • Le Centre des Musiciens du Monde
    • Music and Beyond Festival
    • Danse Cadence
    • Les Violons du Roy
    • Studio de Musique ancienne de Montréal

• 10 •

Benefit from partner discounts:

    • Piano Héritage

• 11 •

Receive CAMMAC’s newsletter to stay informed on all things CAMMAC.

• 12 •

Lend your support to amateur music education, practice and performance:

CAMMAC’s values and reason for being are based on the belief that music should be accessible to all people, regardless of age, background or ability. CAMMAC’s founders firmly believed that making music together creates a bond between people that transcends age, language and cultural differences, and that people who practice the arts at every level bring an invaluable contribution to their communities.

When you become a member of CAMMAC, you strengthen our voice in advocating for the study and performance of music at the amateur level. The higher our membership numbers, the more power we have to create partnerships and obtain grants. These are crucial to developing the high-quality programs and opportunities that enable amateur musicianship to thrive.

We want to be able to continue making music together, next year and for many years to come. Supporting CAMMAC by becoming a member, by participating in our activities and by donating will allow us to get through these difficult times, and to continue to provide the programming and activities that bring us all together as amateur musicians.

What we love about CAMMAC!

Vincent Lauzer, professional musician & CAMMAC teacher

“I’ve had the incredible chance to teach at CAMMAC for more than 12 years now. It’s always a great pleasure to go to the summer music camp to teach and to share extraordinary musical moments. CAMMAC is above all a very, very inspiring musical meeting place. I have met participants, amateur musicians, people who make music in their free time, but who have backgrounds, professions and experiences that are very impressive. It’s always a pleasure to meet these people, to discuss what they do, and who they are. At CAMMAC, that’s what’s great: it’s a place where there’s a mix of ages, experiences, without any hierarchy. Everybody eats together, everybody shares the same moments of music, and that I find quite extraordinary. It’s very inspiring to teach and to see how quickly they can learn over the course of a week.”


Yves Marcoux, longtime CAMMAC Member

“For me, CAMMAC represents the possibility of spending several days completely immersed in a musical atmosphere, from morning until night. Everything is about the music, and it’s really an extraordinary way to escape everyday life.

The concept of multiplicity is fundamental to the CAMMAC experience. For me, the multiplicity of instruments gave me the opportunity to play instruments that I had never touched before, for example, the viola da gamba. These are experiences that are impossible to imagine anywhere else but CAMMAC.

 The multiplicity of levels: no matter at what level you are, there is always a place for you at CAMMAC. If you are at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level there is always the possibility of making music with groups of different sizes, or solo. And even solo, you are never alone, you are always in communion with other music lovers, whether in masterclasses, by accompanying someone else or being accompanied.

 There are groups of all sizes, ranging from the large orchestra and choir, to chamber music and jazz combos. Which brings me to the multiplicity of styles. It’s fantastic. All people, all styles have their place at CAMMAC.

The teachers are people of international musical quality, and at CAMMAC you can rub shoulders with them. It’s as if we were their colleagues for a few days, and we benefit from a completely privileged access to communicate with them.”


Nicole Farmer, longtime CAMMAC Member

“We all love the welcome, the quality of the teaching, the enchanting site. In the summer, we can go swimming, and we can go skiing during the spring break. It’s a week where everyone feels welcome, no matter what your level of musical knowledge is.”