In Memory of Louise Castonguay, 1940-2015 (by Patricia Abbott)

On behalf of CAMMAC, it is a privilege for me to honour Louise’s memory. The music camp located on the shores of Lake MacDonald was her second home and CAMMAC members became Louise’s second family. Louise spent most of her summers there for the last 56 years! She was there for five weeks during the summer of 2015, taking advantage of her favorite classes: the big morning choir, active listening, voice master classes, a cappella choir, history and recorder. Her love of singing was profound.

Beginner’s Guide: How to Impress Your Teacher at Your First Recorder Lesson (by Vincent Lauzer)

Recorder playing has been a foundation of the musical traditions of CAMMAC, dating to the very founding of our organization over 60 years ago. Recorder classes for the young and for the young at heart are, indeed, offered EVERY week of the summer musical camp. Musicians of all levels seriously embrace it and make it sound like the amazing instrument it is. What makes it so amazing? Despite its very simple design (just a piece of wood or of plastic in which a few holes are drilled), the recorder has a charming sound, can be adapted to several repertoires and is very easy to transport! What could be better? In my most humble and unbiased (!!) opinion, the recorder is the Queen of all instruments.