I’m delighted to have been named CAMMAC’s 2016 spokesperson. I taught for the first time at the CAMMAC Music Centre in 2009, and I have to say that, from the very first summer, I found it a transformative experience. Nowhere else have I found this feeling of community, generational mix, open friendliness, and all participants’ consuming passion for music. I love teaching there, and sharing my passion for the recorder and music.

CAMMAC is the scene for much improvisational madness. In fact, each summer, I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in numerous events where participants and teachers get together to perform pieces that are sometimes serious, sometimes hilarious! I’ve had the chance to lead one of my groups with the help of an 8-year-old assistant conductor, to be a last-minute stand‑in as tenor soloist in the choral work (really scary!), to form a human pyramid on stage, to provide piano accompaniment for pop singers—let’s just say, to do stuff I wouldn’t get to do anywhere else! I can safely say the Music Centre at Lake MacDonald is a place where being laughed at doesn’t kill you, and creativity knows no bounds!

CAMMAC for me is a second family I get together with every summer. It’s the kind of family you don’t see often, but you always have a whole lot of fun together. Our hope is for this great family to expand, and for more people to discover and visit CAMMAC to make and listen to music. There are many options: Grandparents / Grandchildren March Break; Bach Weekend in May; seven exciting weeks in summer 2016; not to mention Thanksgiving Weekend in October. Whenever you choose to come, CAMMAC always offers all an amazing opportunity to learn, surpass themselves, have fun, and enjoy some rest and recreation. CAMMAC means experiencing the musical life! I hope to have the chance to see you there soon.


Vincent Lauzer
CAMMAC spokesperson for 2016