CAMMAC was established in 1953, and has since grown and thrived thanks to our generous donors. Your gift will help CAMMAC continue to bring the joy of making music into many hearts!

You can choose the option of a designated gift or you can consider a major gift. You can give all at once or choose monthly gifts (Friends of CAMMAC), and make your donation directly through our websitee, by credit card at 1-888-622-8755 ext. 225 or by mailing a cheque to CAMMAC (address below). You can also leave a gift in your will, give securities, or take out a life insurance policy naming CAMMAC as beneficiary. More details below.


Registered Charity #118826486RR0001


Annual Campaign


Every year, CAMMAC holds an annual fundraising campaign to help pursue its mission.

Our annual campaign supports the following activities:

  • The Musical Sundays Concert Series – 8 concerts by outstanding musicians
  • March Break program for grandparents & grandchildren
  • Music programs for regional schools
  • Bursaries
    • Regular bursary program (Summer)
  • Purchasing new scores for our music library
  • Purchasing musical instruments
  • Supporting musical activities in Montreal, Ottawa-Gatineau, and Toronto


CAMMAC purchased White Forest Lodge in 1968 in order to house its Music Centre. This beautiful property constantly requires renovations and care. The main lodge, rebuilt in 2006, is a superb “green” building that was awarded several prizes. At this point, we are looking at revamping the camping facilities and repainting the 10 studios in the woods. We will soon be looking at major renovations to the Lake House and replacing the defunct Mozart and Attic buildings.

Children’s Program

The CAMMAC experience has often changed lives! The pleasure of making music and sharing it with others is exhilarating. CAMMAC children learn to love music and it becomes an important part of their lives. Help enhance our children’s program with your gift!

Musical Instrument Collection

If music be the food of love, musical instruments are the indispensable ingredients! At the Music Centre we are in the process of buying some 12 pianos over the next six years and are planning to purchase some instruments which will be available to participants during our programs: ukuleles, djembes, guitars, percussion instruments, etc. You can also donate an instrument in good condition!

The Oskar Morawetz Music Library

Our one-of-a kind music library, with its collection of over 10,000 vocal and instrumental scores for small and large ensembles, is a great asset. Many choirs and orchestras from across Canada borrow music from it regularly. Help us maintain and enlarge this wonderful collection!

Bursary Fund

The spirit of CAMMAC reaches far beyond a love of music—it also encompasses the ideals of support and accessibility. With these values in our hearts, the CAMMAC Music Centre distributes bursaries every year enabling less fortunate people to participate in our summer program. You can also sponsor a whole family for one week for $4,000.

Regional Activities

CAMMAC volunteers run regional programs in Montreal, Ottawa-Gatineau and Toronto, including sight-readings, workshops and concerts!  If you would like to donate to one of our regional programs, please indicate which one in the commentary section.


The planned giving program offers the possibility of making bequests, donating securities, life insurance, and other gift arrangements. Donations received through the planned giving program will be invested for the ultimate benefit of CAMMAC. Please contact Marie-Claude Giguère, Director of Planned Giving, for more information:

Leave a Musical Legacy!

You can leave a musical legacy by making a gift of some of your assets in your will to CAMMAC.

Please contact Marie-Claude Giguère, Director of Planned Giving, for more information:

To obtain the legal wording for your will, click here.


A donation of stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares is the most efficient way to give charitably since the capital gains tax does not apply. You save not only the taxes you would have paid for capital gains, but you also get a tax receipt for the total amount you donate to CAMMAC. Please contact Marie-Claude Giguère, Director of Planned Giving, for more information:

Life Insurance

You can make CAMMAC the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Life insurance needs change and, when our children become self-sufficient, we often find we no longer need our life insurance. Donating your policy can provide important tax advantages while you are alive or for your estate.

Modifying an Existing Life Insurance Policy
You can change the name of your beneficiary to CAMMAC on an existing policy if you no longer need to provide financial security for your children. If you do that, your estate will receive a charitable receipt for the proceeds of the policy, and this can help offset any estate taxes on your final tax return. You can also donate an existing policy during your lifetime by transferring ownership to CAMMAC and making CAMMAC the beneficiary.

Purchasing a new life insurance policy and naming CAMMAC beneficiary
You can purchase a new policy, and if you name CAMMAC as beneficiary you can receive tax benefits. You can discuss the possibilities with your life insurance agent, and we encourage you to do so. Please contact Marie-Claude Giguère, Director of Planned Giving, for more information: 

There are also possibilities of gifts of property and retirement funds. Should you be interested in these possibilities, please contact Marie-Claude for further information.

Personalized Endowment Fund

Setting Up a Personalized Endowment Fund in Your Name or in Honour or Memory of Someone Else

Sometimes people think endowments are only for the very rich. But this is not true. You can create a personal endowment fund in your name or honour or in memory of a loved one very easily, and the income from the fund will permanently benefit CAMMAC.

To do this, you make a donation to CAMMAC Foundation specifying that you want it to be in an endowment fund to be held in trust by the CAMMAC Foundation to benefit CAMMAC. If you create of fund of $10,000 or over it can be named after yourself or a loved one. You receive a charitable receipt for your gift and it keeps giving to CAMMAC forever.

Should you wish to discuss confidentially the creation of a personalized endowment fund, please contact Marie-Claude Giguère, Director of Planned Giving, for more information: 


One-time donation

You can make your donation online and choose a designated fund. For Major Gifts of $5,000 or more, please contact Marie-Claude Giguère, Director of Planned Giving:

Monthly Donors Club (Friends of CAMMAC)

Join Friends of CAMMAC, our Monthly Donor’s Club!

You can be a part of this loyal group that supports CAMMAC on a monthly basis. Affordable monthly donations are made automatically by payments from your bank account or credit card.

You can donate whatever amount is appropriate for you. Some folks give $25 a month, some $50, and some $100. All gifts get a receipt for tax purposes at the end of the year.

Your year-round commitment helps CAMMAC to maintain quality programming for amateur musicians. You can cancel or change your contributions at any time.

Donation in memory, honour or celebration of someone

Make your donation in memory, honour or celebration of someone. 

By phone

You can also make your donation by credit card by calling Customer service at 819-687-3938 / 1-888-622-8755, ext. 25.

By mail

You can send a cheque to CAMMAC by mail at the following address (please specify the nature of your donation and include your name & postal address):

85 Chemin Cammac
Harrington, QC., J8G 2T2



CAMMAC will only publish the names of donors who have agreed to be named. For donations in memory or in honour of someone, the amounts are not specified. CAMMAC does not trade or share donor information.

Musical Honour Roll


Funds raised in 2014-2015: $304,000

< Crescendo
($25,000 and over)

Elias Kulukundis

ff Fortissimo
($10,000 to $24,999)

Graham & Maureen Carpenter
Kathy Gallyas
Martin Taylor
Bliss Tracy & Derry Neufeld
Raymond Vles
James Whitridge
Roland & Marion Wilk

f Forte
($5,000 to $9,999)

Dr. John E. Blundell
Irene & David Briggs
Élaine Châteauvert
Marie-Hélène Constantin & Sébastien Lauriault
Jill de Villafranca & David Kostiuk
Tetiana Gerych – In Memoriam Chrystia Kolessa
Marie-Claude Giguère
Jody Gomber
Mireille Grégoire & Michel Wapler
Barbara Haskel
Susan Isaac
Deborah Kohn
Alan Lewis & Deborah Van Wyck
Ruth Moses
Martin & Jennifer Pergler
Odette & Manley Schultz
Laurie Wilson
Joyce Zuker-Fuchs & Aaron Fuchs
Margaret Little
Carol Kirsh

mf Mezzo forte
($2,000 to $4,999)

Patricia Abbott
Cathy Aitken
Maryse Barbeau
Sandy Bason
Angela Beale
Marc Bourdeau
Catherine Brockway
Maurice Canuel
Louise Castonguay
Eileen de Neeve
John C. Ferth
Alison Healing
Barbara Hicks
Jocelyn Hurst
Danielle Lavoie
Don Melady
Juliana Pleines
Harry Qualman
Madeleine Roy
Scottie Simons
Peter & Nancy Webster
Anonymous (6)

mp Mezzo piano
($1,000$ to $1,999)

Ralph & Pauline Aldrich
Michael Basquill
Violaine Brochu
Hazel de Neeve
Jeff Blum & Ellen Cassedy
Hélène Chénard
Dr. J. Edwin Coffey
Philip Cumyn
Germaine Denoncourt
Jim & Allison Dingle
Harvey Levitt & Margaret Felberg-Levitt
Peggy Florida
Winifred & Bernard Geller
Pierrette Jolin-Laurencelle
Denise Langlois
Sharon Levine
Janice Ley – In Memoriam Peter McLellan
Donna Lougheed
Jeannine Malchelosse-Lacombe
Janet E.W. Martin
Cynthia & John McBride
Barbara Moore
Luce Napert
Mary Oliarnyk
Sufiya Mary Reid
Joseph Ribkoff inc.
Rick Richardson – In Memoriam Peter McLellan
Elizabeth Rowlinson
John Royle
Margaret Shaw
Robert & Sylvia Spasoff
Miriam Tees
Elaine Waddington
Malcolm & Pat Wall
Anonymous (3)

p Piano
(up to $1,000)

Joan Andrews
Peggy Atherton – In Memoriam Helen Lee
Evelyne Ayers Raymond
Barbara E. Bean
John Beckwith
Rosalind Bell & David Stitt
Sara Blake
Marie Blydt-Hansen
André Boisvert
Lucie Bouchard
David & Irene Briggs – In Memoriam Peter McLellan
Geof Burbridge
Richard Burman
Raymond Chalk
Margaret Chepely
Alissa Cheung
Bill Clarke & Kathy Vice
Andrée Dagenais
Francine de Champlain
André De Léan
Jacques De Léan
Anne-Marie Denoncourt
Sarah Dingle
Judy Diez d’Aux
Joan & Douglas Hill
Martine & José Facal
Gary Fleming & Jane Clifton
Fred & Ursula Franklin
Barbara Gaizauskas
James Gardner
Constance Moore Gardner – In Memoriam L. Terrell Gardner
Ronald Gehr
Don Gillies
Nancy Golberg
Cindy & Will Goodyer
Rochelle Goren
Daniel Guérard
Hari Gupta
Jennifer Hicks
Brian Hird
Sally Howe
Paul Alexander Humez
Arlene Hyland
Fraser Jackson & Monique de Margerie
Caroline Jeannotte
Margaret Kamester
Ellen Kao
Margo Keenan
Juanita Kennedy
Anneke Klaver-van Loenen – In Memoriam Klaas & Ella Bood
Edna Knock
Catherine Kovacs
Jenny Kyle
Francine Labrie
Sophie Larivière
Alfhild Larson
Dorothy & Julio Laufer
Claire Lavoie
N. Lawand
Louise LeBeau
Roseline (LeBel) Caron
Dr. James C. Lebens
Anna Lehn
Batya Levy
Anne Little
Uli Locher
Erik Lockeberg
Anne Luckow
Ron MacDonald
Emily MacKinnon
Judith Marshall
Carol & Bob Martin
Ann Martineau
Anne Massicotte
Rafik Matta
Kathryn McCarthy
Catherine Milley
Klaus Minde
Elizabeth  Mitchell
Regina Moorcroft
Rosamund Morley & Robert Storr
Elisabeth Morrison
Marie-Rose Morrison
Brad Munro
Deborah A.Nicoll-Griffith & Charles-André Roy
Janet Northcott
Ernest Nussbaum
David Olds
Eileen Overend
Jean-Marc Parent
Eliot Polk
Anna Qualman
Kelly Rice
Caroline Rider
Elsa Beattie
Mary Rimmer
Ginette Robert
Eva Rolfe
Pascale Rousseau
Yves Roy
Miriam Samuelson
Albert Schenk
Allan Sherwin & Fiona Clark
Janet Siltanen
Carol Alicia Smth
Peter Solomon
Dominique Sorel, Béatrice & Antoinette
George Stone
Jenny  Ono Suttaby
Colin Sutherland
Monte Swartzman
Gisèle & Michel Szczesniak
Margo Tant
David Thompson
Lucie Thouin
Monique Trottier
Jérome et Solange Toutée
Bill & Peggy Tyson
Patrick van Gheluwe
John Wall
Constance van Wijk
Janice Winslow
Tracy Wolfe
Doreen Wong
Ursula Kobel & Douglas Wright
Susan Young
Anonymous (26)


Funds raised: $24,500

Penny Annand

Odette Arsenault

Linda Baldwin

Maryse Barbeau

Sandra Bason

Barbara Bean

Micheline Beaulieu-Bouchard

John Beckwith

Rosalind Bell

Bill Blackstone – in memoriam Peter McLellan

Marie Blydt-Hansen

Ellen Bobet

Lucie Bouchard

Violaine Brochu

Frances Buckley

Brian Cheers

Luanna Chernushenko

Peter Clarkson

Anne-Marie David

Elaine Davidson

Barbara Davis

Jennifer Davis

Anne-Marie Denoncourt

Catherine Dixon

Armand Ferland

John Ferth

Gary Fleming

Heather Fogo

Fred Franklin

Kathy Gallyas

James Gillespie

Rochelle Goren

Jean-Charles Grégoire

Mireille Grégoire – donated the rose wood Yamaha Clavinova Piano

Daniel Guérard

Alison Healing

Douglas Hill

Sally Howe

Ellen Kao

Elizabeth Kay

Carol Kirsh

Ursula Kobel

Catherine Kovacs

Philip Kretznar

Marie Kusters

Francine Labrie

Louise Langelier Biron

Robert Lantos

Barbara LeBeau – in memoriam Peter McLellan

Norma Letts

Sharon Levine

Elizabeth Little

Margaret Little

Doris Longpré

Jeannine Malchelosse-Lacombe

Sylvia Mangalam

Carol Maurey

Andrew Mestan

Elizabeth Mitchell

Claudia Morawetz

Elisabeth Morrison

Ruth Moses

Bradley Munro

Andrée Nicole

Ernest Nussbaum

Scott Paterson

Marie-Claire Perrault

Mary Anne Peters

Juliana Pleines

Réjean Poirier

Eliot Polk

Denyse Powers

Louise Proulx

Harry Qualman

Holly Ratcliffe

Evelyne Ayers Raymond

Martyn Rice

Denise Richer

Mary Rimmer

Ginette Robert

Pascale Rousseau

Normand Roy

Miriam Samuelson

Monique Scholz

Jeffrey Scott

Chris Seidemann

Suzanne Shulman

Monte Swartzman

Carl Taylor

Lucie Thouin

Jérôme Toutée


Chantal Vachon

Deborah van Wyck

Kathy Vice

Janice Winslow

Anonymous (19)

Donations in memory or in honour of someone

Peter McLellan


We are so sad to hear that Peter McLellan has passed away… Such a great person, so wonderfully kind, and such an uplifting spirit. Our heartfelt condolences to Chloe and the whole family.

You can make a donation in memory of Peter by clicking here, through our website – please specify “in memory of Peter” in the message box.

Helen Nixon


We are so sad to hear that Helen Nixon has passed away… We will remember her wonderful sense of humour and her contagious laughter! Henny founded the CAMMAC Ottawa/Gatineau region in 1964 with Mark Heitshu. She spent many summers up at Lake MacDonald with her children. Our heartfelt condolences to the whole family.

You can make a donation in memory of Helen by clicking here, through our website – please specify “in memory of Helen” in the message box.

Donations in memory or in honor of someone

In honour of Tom Ezzy
Jessica Ouvrard

In Memoriam Micheline Beaulieu-Bouchard
Irwin Brodo

In Memoriam Klaas & Ella Bood
Anneke Klaver-van Loenen

In Memoriam Arpi Civan
Lynda Joyce

In Memoriam L. Terrell Gardner
Constance Moore Gardner

In Memoriam Peter McLellan
Louise Mortimer
Flavio Rizzolo
William Tyson
Lucie Laneville
Anne Overton
Richard Richardson
Janet Martin
Janice Ley
David & Irene Briggs
Jennifer Davis
Anonymous (3)

In Memoriam Chrystia Kolessa
Tetiana Gerych

In Memoriam Helen Lee
Peggy Atherton
Jennifer Davis

In Memoriam Madeleine Little
Jean-Marc Parent

In Memoriam Peter McLellan
Louise Mortimer
Flavio Rizzolo
William Tyson
Lucie Laneville
Anne Overton
Richard Richardson
Janet Martin
Janice Ley
David & Irene Briggs
Jennifer Davis
Anonymous (3)

In Memoriam Jan Simons

 In Memoriam Ilse and Ray Thompson
David Thompson