It has been said of cellist Elinor Frey that “she relishes finding and bringing forward into the the light of day music that has been long forgotten” (Peter Robb, music blogger).

Elinor joins us next week to explore the fascinating repertoire of baroque sonatas from early 18th century London, written for either a high or low instrument.

Following the introduction, violins, recorders, and many others can play along with Elinor.


The repertoire will consist of:

1) The violin/cello part and the cello part from Duet no. 1 by James Cervetto. Participants are asked to learn the first two lines of music, then everyone can play together.

2) Corelli Op. 5, no 8, Preludio. Cellists should play the top part as if in tenor clef (first two notes = A-D). Recorder/Violin can play as written.

3) Geminiani Op. 5, no. 2, Adagio. Violin/Recorder/treble version in F# minor, Cello/bass instrument version in d minor.


The scores will be sent to you once you have registered.


To make sense of the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of music–and to accept the mystery of the unanswered questions–opened me up to the most interesting possibilities such that the cello became more beautiful. – Michael, Oklahoma

Dr. Frey keeps students engaged from start to finish. The depth of knowledge she has to share, and her great communication skills bring courses to life- especially in this online format. For someone who never liked online learning…. I am fully converted! Course materials have deepened my understanding and demonstrated new approaches for practice and performance. – Shirley, Calgary, August 2020


Elinor Frey demos her instrument collection (wow!!)



Sunday September 20, 7:30 p.m.
$30 / 1 hour + question period