Open House Days

Curieux d’en savoir plus sur le Centre musical CAMMAC? Grâce aux journées PORTES OUVERTES, vous pouvez venir découvrir le lieu et vivre l’expérience CAMMAC gratuitement pendant une journée complète le mercredi de votre choix. Apportez votre violon, votre sourire ainsi que votre maillot de bain et participez aux cours de musique, à la baignade, jouez au tennis, dégustez deux délicieux repas, chantez dans la chorale et assistez même au concert en soirée!

Réservez votre place pour une journée PORTE OUVERTES (il reste seulement de la place le mercredi 12 août) en communiquant avec Isabelle au 1 888 622-8755, poste 235.

In Memory of Louise Castonguay, 1940-2015 (by Patricia Abbott)

On behalf of CAMMAC, it is a privilege for me to honour Louise’s memory. The music camp located on the shores of Lake MacDonald was her second home and CAMMAC members became Louise’s second family. Louise spent most of her summers there for the last 56 years! She was there for five weeks during the summer of 2015, taking advantage of her favorite classes: the big morning choir, active listening, voice master classes, a cappella choir, history and recorder. Her love of singing was profound.

Beginner’s Guide: How to Impress Your Teacher at Your First Recorder Lesson (by Vincent Lauzer)

Recorder playing has been a foundation of the musical traditions of CAMMAC, dating to the very founding of our organization over 60 years ago. Recorder classes for the young and for the young at heart are, indeed, offered EVERY week of the summer musical camp. Musicians of all levels seriously embrace it and make it sound like the amazing instrument it is. What makes it so amazing? Despite its very simple design (just a piece of wood or of plastic in which a few holes are drilled), the recorder has a charming sound, can be adapted to several repertoires and is very easy to transport! What could be better? In my most humble and unbiased (!!) opinion, the recorder is the Queen of all instruments.

Minicammac (by Lucie Bouchard)

Do you know Minicammac, son of Barbacammac, the scary pirate? Or Cammacoucou, the extra-terrestrial? Have you ever seen Patrica Abbott, our artistic director, make a remarkable entrance in the Lucy Concert Hall, in a canoe, while wearing a life jacket, dressed as Elisabeth II, the Queen of England?

March Break 2016 at CAMMAC: a great musical and family feast! (by Michelle Lemay)

Designed for music-loving children, teenagers, grandparents, and parents of any level, this week of musical fiesta was a delightful and fulfilling one for us all. After we were greeted as princes at the CAMMAC Music Centre, along the shore of Lake MacDonald, our music masters François Ouimet and Anne Massicotte orchestrated for us a variety of music workshops exploring the magic of sounds and music parts in multicoloured scales.

My week at CAMMAC (by Andrée Pinsonneault)

When I took part in the Gala de l’Amitié hosted by the « L’amitié n’a pas d’âge » (Friendship Knows No Age) association on May 29, 2015, I had the great surprise of winning the event’s attendance prize: a gift certificate for a family of four, offered by the CAMMAC Music Centre! This package included a whole week for two grandparents and two children for March Break, from February 28 to March 4, 2016.