CAMMAC: a wonderful gift to offer yourself!

Photo and text courtesy of Ginette Rheault, as published in the Revue Chanter


What to do during the summer when choirs are all on vacation?

What to choose as a present for yourself when you reach an age that takes you into your next decade?

Where can I find somewhere safe, near a lake for swimming, with a warm, welcoming and musical atmosphere?

I found just the place: CAMMAC!

This is my birthday present to myself! Reservations confirmed, room selected, plus masking is obligatory so I’m ready to go… my bags are packed and I’m off! As soon as I arrive, I meet a friend and we’re very happy to be spending this time together. We start off with course registrations, and things move along with meals, personal challenges and a week filled with music, singing, all kinds of repertoire for guitars, violins, pianos, voices, flutes, percussion… There is dancing, an interesting DVD film about famous pianists, concerts, campfires, new acquaintances, laughter, swimming, beautiful skies, rain, cold, heat, sunshine, and so much more. My heart is joyful, my soul is serene and even though you can’t see my expression because my face is hidden behind my mask, my eyes are smiling.

Returning home, I feel nostalgic for the well-being I experienced throughout the week, with days spent in the company of warm, open-hearted people who listened to my stories. The big choir in the morning, the a cappella choir in the evening, the vocal technique classes, visual arts, singing in small groups of four or six voices, performing in the cabaret evening and the musical morning wake-up call at 7 a.m. with a friend… all my CAMMAC experiences were enriching and did me a world of good.

Thank you to CAMMAC’s Week 6 teachers and staff. You’ve helped me to get my new year started off in the best way possible by helping me to celebrate my 70th birthday with great joy!

Thank you to Mme Rheault for this glowing testimonial.

If next summer’s musical pleasures seem like a long way away, you’ll be able to get a little taste of them in advance by taking part in our spring activities.

  • Spring Break won’t just be for the kids in 2023! From February 26 to March 2, CAMMAC is offering a musical midwinter break for amateur musicians all ages: 5 days of workshops, activities and fun as we explore musical traditions from around the world.
  • From April 14 to 16, we invite you to treat yourself to a 3-day getaway at CAMMAC: a short but exciting weekend offering a varied program of workshops and activities for adults only.
  • From May 20 to 23, the Bach+ Weekend will kick off CAMMAC’s 70th anniversary celebrations with some very special guests and exciting activities.

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