Dear candidate, please note that ALL information must be provided on this form in order for your application to be considered. The Bursary Committee will contact you mid-May concerning your application. Please do not call the National Office for results.

Bursaries are not provided for the full amount of registration fees and are intended to supplement the amount paid by the participant. The participant must take the full program. Participants who request a private bath or private room are not eligible. With the exception of camping, lodging will be selected by the CAMMAC office. Staff dependants are not eligible.

The amount available in the bursary budget, as well as the number of applicants, varies from year to year. As such, we regret that bursaries may not be awarded to all applicants.

All bursary applications are evaluated in complete confidentiality. Names of applicants and their contact information are not made available to the Bursary Committee.


You must have made a summer 2020 reservations before submitting your bursary application.

DEADLINE: April15, 2020 Answer expected mid-May

N.B.: Bursary applications received after the deadline will be considered should funds still be available.