We received the following letter from a life member of CAMMAC, who was prompted to tell the story of her family’s love for CAMMAC, and how CAMMAC has recently made a difference in her life, because of the note that was sent to her with the receipt for her recent donation.


We first went to CAMMAC in the summer of 1966, when we spent one week there. Our daughters, Ellen and Marcy, were 8 and 12 years old at that time. After one week at CAMMAC, we were drawn to return and we did that – continuing to go there for 33 consecutive summers. We spent one week there for quite a few years and later on my husband and often went for 2 weeks.

I took piano lessons as a child. While at CAMMAC, I learned to play the recorder, later on, I began to take lessons on the oboe and then the viola. My husband, Julio, had never studied music; he sang during his stays at CAMMAC and also learned how to play the recorder. Both of our daughters learned to play various instruments. Needless to say, we all fully participated in the many varied activities that were offered at CAMMAC. Our children know that the greatest gift they can give me is to play music with me. When our daughter Marcy, comes to visit us from Vernon B.C. she brings her flute and we play duets.

Our entire family came to CAMMAC; My sister lived in Maryland at that time and her husband played the viola. They joined us there for many summers, along with their 3 children. My brother came to see this place we all talked about so much.. And many of our friends came as well. At one point I became active in the Montreal CAMMAC committee… and I also got involved with the chamber music weekend that was held in the fall. We came up for leaf raking at every opportunity.

Music has always been important to everyone in our family. Being at CAMMAC enabled us to have a large variety of exciting musical activities. No wonder we returned for so many years. Being connected to CAMMAC allowed me to find other people to play with. I started the activity “Musical Chairs”. Now at this point in my life, I have lost contact with the people I used to play chamber music with. Imagine my surprise, as well as my joy, in having been contacted by a current member of CAMMAC, through the “Musical Chairs” activity. He was looking for someone to play recorder with. We have been playing duos for the last few months. This is an amazing happening for me: the fact that someone contacted me through CAMMAC only proves that CAMMAC CERTAINLY MAKES A DIFFERENCE.


Dorothy Laufer


We would like to thank Dorothy for sharing her story. It means a lot to us to hear about how CAMMAC is such an important part of our members’ lives.

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