Jean-Charles Grégoire, President of the Board of CAMMAC, announced recently that CAMMAC had received a wonderful gift of stock worth $195,000 from a long-time member and supporter, John Ferth of Toronto in honour of his late wife, Pierrette and their mutual participation in CAMMAC.

[ Top image: John and Pierrette Ferth in concert during a summer at CAMMAC camp at Lac Rosseau. Bottom image: John and Pierrette Ferth in 1995. ]

John and his wife Pierrette were active in CAMMAC for 30 years between 1976 and 2006 and many CAMMAC participants during those years will remember them. John, originally from Hungary, played the recorder ‘rather badly’ and his wife, Pierrette, played the piano. John worked in real estate and Pierrette worked in the French department at the Canadian Press office in Toronto.

Through CAMMAC, John and Pierrette got to know Mario Duschenes, Jan Simons and our founders, George and Madeleine Little. John and Pierrette both sang in the CAMMAC choir and Pierrette over the years learned to play the harpsichord and virtually all of the recorders. They attended regional CAMMAC music camps at Lake Rosseau, Cedar Glen, and Appleby College. John and Pierrette were also active in CAMMAC Toronto. But, as John says “Lake Mac with its bilingual atmosphere, friendships, programs, concerts, and the Lake, always remained our favourite.  We were always happy to be there. We always knew that CAMMAC needed support to survive and we did support it and encourage others to do so also.” John is almost 93 years old now and felt it was time to make a contribution in memory of the happy times that he and Pierrette had spent at Lake MacDonald.

Jean-Charles thanks John in the name of the CAMMAC community and underscores that such an important gift is a touching gesture, as well as an inspiration to the Board, staff and members of CAMMAC. He hopes that this gesture will inspire others to consider making gifts of stocks and mutual funds to CAMMAC. By making such gifts, people can tremendously help CAMMAC while also receiving a tax receipt for the full value of their stocks or funds and, at the same time, avoid paying capital gains taxes on their stocks or funds.

Harry Qualman, who did the annual fundraising for CAMMAC for many years, is now concentrating on major and legacy gifts in his volunteer role of Director of Gift Planning for CAMMAC. Interested persons can contact Harry (confidentially) by email at or by phone at 819 772-2774.