Traditional dance in Québec has a long and fascinating history, and it remains alive and vibrant today. Many people still get together with friends and family every week to enjoy dancing together, and several professional troupes regularly perform these traditional dance forms at events both at home and abroad.

Celebrated dance historian-ethnologist, choreographer, master step dancer, and dance caller Pierre Chartrand presents a conference next week on the forms and origins of traditional dance in Québec.

Pierre will introduce us to the various types of dances that make up the traditional repertoire of Quebec. In addition to the four best-known types (quadrille, contredanse, set carré, and cotillion) he will discuss the jig, its regional styles, and its origins, focusing on how this repertoire has been transmitted down to us through the years, and how it is currently being enjoyed.

A must for anyone curious about our popular history, our dance heritage, and its current practice… you will be up out of your seat to try some of the steps for yourself!

To see a master dancer in action, have a look at this video to watch Pierre demonstrate several Québécois gigues, with Yaêlle Azoulay (dance) and Alexis Chartrand (violin):



Tuesday September 15, 7:30 p.m.
$30 / 1 hour + question period
(This event is available in French only)