Customized private coaching has a positive impact on a musician’s progress, regardless of age or ability. And online private coaching is the way to go right now, as you can benefit from flexible scheduling and take your class from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Other benefits include:

  • You receive instant feedback, which is especially beneficial in breaking bad habits.
  • Your teacher can adapt what’s being taught to help you inspired This is especially true for children who take part in orchestras or other groups.
  • You can set specific goals and then work more efficiently towards achieving them. Whether you’d like to master a particularly challenging piece, correct bad posture or poor technique, fine-tune an audition piece, discover new repertoire or perfect a solo lineup, working with a teacher is an effective way to progress.

All the world’s greatest musicians have taken private classes, and many continue to do so throughout their lives: you will hear many professional musicians praise their mentors for helping them to get to where they are today. Taking private lessons could be the key to achieving a higher level of musicianship than is possible through traditional group, classroom, or DIY learning environments.

If you haven’t tried online coaching yet, don’t miss this great opportunity to get personalized instruction from our impressive roster of highly skilled professional musicians. Private lessons will be available on an ongoing basis throughout the fall.

If you don’t see the teacher you want or the instrument you would like to study on our list, please let us know by sending the details of what you need at