Exclusively for CAMMAC members

Great opportunities to come to the Music Centre in a small group or as an individual.
Come and practice, read, or just relax! You are your own program.*

How about these prices! Try and find a better deal anywhere.

$85 per person for groups of 4 or more
Per night, 3 meals and morning snack included!
$89.00 for individuals (All prices before taxes)

*You may use one studio per group or individual. There may be larger rental groups in rehearsal or giving workshops. Attendance at these private sessions is strictly prohibited. Of course, you may arrange your own sessions with other CAMMAC members in attendance during these special offers. Expect shared occupancy for rooms. Options depend on availability.

Current available dates are the following:

January 20 to January 25

For all enquiries: communications@cammac.ca