‘Grandma, just look! It’s glorious!’

This was Madeleine’s response to the breathtaking scene we awoke to the first morning. It was the beginning of an unforgettable week.

When planning the best vacation, what do your look for?

  • Being with loved ones and keeping them happy
  • Staying in a beautiful setting in the mountains, with water
  • Doing something new
  • Having a new adventure together, discovering new paths
  • Being refreshed musically
  • Meeting new people, sharing values, communicating on a deep level
  • Savouring delicious meals
  • Being in a congenial environment-welcoming, helpful people

This winter break, everything we could have looked for was there! It was special to be with the grandchildren and their Mom, to see them enthusiastically participating in flute classes, percussion, Japanese art, singing together in the choir, reading music together and playing in the snow. To my surprise, there was so much for adults too! Each class was stimulating, challenging (the Zumba class especially) and there was time to get to know some delightful people. The personnel were so dedicated and caring (the nurse responded at 1H30 am to a need). The extraordinary beautiful setting brought wonder. The unexpected highlight for me was the 2 hour session of ‘Active Listening’ where we listened together to Requiems from very different composers with pertinent commentary from François Quimet, and finished with Bach’s BWV 118, one I had sung many years ago and it came alive for me. We returned to Montreal with very thankful hearts, looking forward to continuing this experience when possible.

PS We could only dream of the setting with water as the lake was totally covered over with snow.

Jeanne Djaballah

Winner of the “Montreal Families” Contest for the Grand-parents / grandkids March break program at the CAMMAC Music Centre in the Laurentians