Liu He Ba Fa Workshop
at the CAMMAC Music Centre

Sunday March 3 to Thursday March 7, 2024

Learning Liu He Ba Fa (Six Harmonies, Eight Methods) 六合八法拳

The art of the “six harmonies and eight methods” is a discipline of Chinese origin that is practiced in the same way as Tai-Chi, but is more intense and demanding. With its spirals and dynamic impulses, Liu He Ba Fa (also known as Lok Hup Ba Fa) profoundly expresses the principles of the Chinese “internal arts”, making it an exercise with multiple benefits for the health of body and mind.

The six harmonies describe how parts of the body, gestures, and mind harmonize to create unity of intention and movement. It is said that when one part of the body is set in motion, the rest of the body is mobilized. The eight methods, on the other hand, are the means used to profoundly transform the body using tangible processes. For example, by applying a precise direction to the forces we express in each gesture, we eventually succeed in unifying all our movements and harmonizing them with our intention.

A veritable laboratory for internal transformation, Liu He Ba Fa proposes an ideal of union between body, mind, internal energies, movement, and tranquillity. It’s a whole new world to discover!

TEACHER: Jean-Hubert Gagnon

The cost for the workshop is $350.00 for adults, and $250.00 for students, taxes not included. The workshop includes 9 periods of 3 hours, 4 nights (single and double rooms are available, with shared or private bath), breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and the use of practice rooms and public areas.

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