Immerse yourself in the best of what nature and music have to offer!

Every year, the CAMMAC Music Centre welcomes amateur musicians of all ages and abilities from around the world to come and make music in the enchanting surroundings of our facility in the Laurentians.

The CAMMAC Summer Music Camp spans eight weeks, with programs including classical music, chamber music, jazz, Broadway, choir, Celtic music, orchestra and more. Other classes are available throughout the summer as well: recorder, choir, chamber music, small ensembles, percussion, Orff, dance, yoga and drawing.

Additional programs take place throughout the year, including Spring Break, an all-adults weekend in April, Bach Plus weekend in May, Labour Day Weekend and Thanksgiving.

Unforgettable musical Sundays…

Enjoy great food and music with CAMMAC’s Musical Sundays summer concert series!

Every Sunday throughout the season, you can enjoy an hour of music performed by internationally renowned artists. Past performers include musicians from Les Violons du Roy, The Gesualdo Six, Karen Young and Marianne Trudel and many more. The concerts are followed by a hearty buffet brunch in our dining room with its balcony overlooking Lake MacDonald. Then take a relaxing stroll down to the Boat House for a magnificent view of the lake.


Musical Traditions from Around the World
Sunday February 26 to Thursday March 2, 2023

Discover musical traditions from around the world while enjoying the joys of winter.

Directors: Femke Bergsma & Craig Girardin

Spice up your winter with a taste of Latinidad!
Friday April 14 to Sunday April 16, 2023

A weekend of musical freedom and experimentation during which Latin music takes center stage. Choir, vocal technique Big Band ensemble, Blues ensemble, guitar, Latin dance, percussion, yoga, and more.

Director: Rachel Beausoleil

A prelude to Spring
Friday May 19 to Monday May 22, 2023

Come share three days of choral and chamber music among friends as a prelude to spring at the CAMMAC Music Centre!

Director: Francis Colpron
Guest Choral Conductor: Andrew McAnerney

Motet: Jesu meine freude (SSATB with continuo)
Cantata “Halt im Gedächtnis Jesum Christ”, BWV 67 15′ (strings, trumpet, flute, oboes and continuo

Monday October 2 to Monday October 9, 2023

Programming and registration information will be available in June.


Registrations for summer programs open at the end of February.

WEEK 1: A celebration of all things CAMMAC
June 25 to July 2, 2023

Our 70th-anniversary celebrations begin… From recorder to percussion and choir, to dance and yoga to orchestra and chamber music. We have it all!

Directors: Vincent Lauzer and Léo Guiollot

WEEK 2: The magic of the forest spirits comes to CAMMAC:
Early music + an elaborate production of Purcell’s Fairy Queen
July 2 to 9, 2023

Directors: Francis Colpron and Marie-Nathalie Lacoursière
Director, children’s program: Isabelle Vadeboncœur
Choral Conductor: Roseline Blain

WEEK 3: Choral music, chamber music, and orchestra, + special guest John Rutter will offer a special workshop on July 14th at CAMMAC
July 9 to 16, 2023

Director: Francis Colpron
Choir Director: François Ouimet

WEEK 4: The Creation… of CAMMAC in 1953, and a masterpiece by Haydn too! + Celtic harp program
July 16 to 23, 2023

Week 4 will be a momentous week at CAMMAC this summer, with excerpts from the Oratorio “The Creation” by Joseph Haydn. The score calls for a large classical orchestra that will make strings, winds, and brass players happy!

Also, in the same week, all that you love at CAMMAC, including chamber music and a Celtic harp program with Sharlene Wallace.

Directors: Caroline Tremblay and Julien Proulx
Choir director: Julien Proulx

WEEK 5: Jazz meets classical
July 23 to 30, 2023

A high-energy week, with classical and jazz large and small ensembles, vocal jazz, as well as improvisation.

Directors: Christopher Smith and Fraser Jackson
Choir Director: François Ouimet

WEEK 6: Stargazing at CAMMAC
July 30 to August 6, 2023

Choral repertoire with a stargazing theme, small vocal ensembles, piano intensive in several genres, popular & classical guitar + a stargazing specialist will be at CAMMAC during the week for a special night-time activity.

Directors: Patricia Abbott and Anne-Marie Denoncourt
Choir Director: Andrew McAnerney

WEEK 7: A celebration of Broadway & Blues
August 6 to 13, 2023

A must for musical theatre and blues guitar fans of all ages. Perform in a musical, and have a blast singing and dancing in some of Broadway’s famous musicals. From recorder to ukulele, to Broadway choir and Blues ensemble: this will be an exciting week!

Directors: Marg Stubington and Vincent Beaulne
Choir conductor: Marg Stubington

Adults: Guys And Dolls
Teen/Young Adults: Little Shop of Horrors 
Kids: The Little Mermaid

WEEK 8: More Musical Fusions
August 13 to 20, 2023

Jazz, classical, popular, traditional, and world musics, including African music: we open the door to experimentation and mixing, with songwriting, creativity workshops, arranging workshops, and improvisation. Leave your comfort zone and explore new possibilities! + everyone will perform in the 70th-anniversary celebration finale, with a special piece from Ghana led by Kathy Armstrong!

Director: Caroline Tremblay


For most of our programs throughout the year, we offer a full program for children aged 4½ to 11. Activities include recorder, chamber music, percussion, piano, dance, kids’ choir, arts & crafts and more.

Teens can choose from courses in the adult program, as well as additional classes offered just for them (teen choir, Broadway singing/dancing/acting).

Consult the list of classes available in our children’s program


What people are saying about Week 1…

  • CAMMAC is the best musical experience I have ever had.
  • Renaissance and Baroque dance was great exercise!
  • A brilliant choral conductor – please bring him back!

About the teachers

  • Lots of fun.
  • Exceptional. Teaches with a lot of patience and sensitivity. Personable, knowledgeable, supportive, encouraging.

What people are saying about Week 2…

  • An excellent choir director.
  • Outstanding vocal coach.
  • Wonderful singing in small vocal ensemble.
  • A big hit with both the adults and the children.
  • Great small ensemble coaching – we learned so much.
  • The opera workshop is an EXCELLENT addition.
  • Very enjoyable.

The teachers

  • Full of energy and good will
  • Unbounded talent
  • Wonderful and insightful and inspirational
  • Generous in sharing time and coaching

What people are saying about Week 3…

  • A wonderful week. My only regret is that it couldn’t last.
  • Dancing was fun!
  • I learned so much each day.

About the teachers: So patient and encouraging! Excellent as always. Inspiring.

What people are saying about Week 4…

  • Great job on coordinating the chamber groups.
  • Positive, energetic, enthusiastic, musical.
  • A truly amazing voice coach.
  • Always organized and approachable – loves all aspects of their teaching job.
  • Loved it! Great experience for the whole family!
  • A magical bubble of perfection in a turbulent world. CAMMAC shows us how to be good people through the medium of music.
  • Encouraged me to participate …and I was SO delighted to do it!
  • Teachers are extremely talented and also very kind.

What people are saying about Week 5…

  • I love CAMMAC and would not change a thing.
  • The non-musical courses at CAMMAC, as well as the beginner music classes, are essential for people like me who are not so advanced in music.
  • The teaching and programming are the strength of CAMMAC.
  • Very enjoyable teachers to learn from and play with, I learned a lot.
  • Tons of fun.

What people are saying about Week 6…

  • I truly enjoyed being so imbued in nature and music – a winning combination. I felt welcomed. Nothing I read or heard prepared me for the excellence and warmth at camp CAMMAC.
  • Exceptional plus – such a gifted teacher on so many dimensions (technical, musical, emotional…).
  • This was my first exposure to operetta and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • Final concert was a joy.
  • A very efficient teaching technique and it was a joy to be part of this class.
  • Imagine making solfege a fun learning experience!

What people are saying about Week 7…

  • A fantastic week, as always. Can’t wait for 2018!
  • It is heavenly down at the boathouse as the sun sets Thank you as always for a truly magical week.
  • Had a lovely time and truly appreciated the excellent quality of the teachers and the overall wonderful sociability of the participants. And see you for week 7 next year (I hope!!!).
  • Always a great experience to sing in small groups.
    An outstanding Broadway concert.
  • So creative!!!
  • Outstanding musically, great sense of humour – it’s always a treat.
  • One of my all-time favourite conductors: very directive, organized, good-natured, and a fine musician.
  • What a treat! I love the Broadway productions!
  • Wow!! Always amazing
  • Makes great connections with students.