Come and enjoy a unique
musical adventure!

Members of the international Music for People improv collective will perform improvised music in small ensembles and as a chamber orchestra… or improvestra! 

No two concerts are ever the same as all the music is created in the moment.  

Founded in 1986 by Grammy award winning cellist David Darling, the Music for People organization has developed into a vibrant international community of musicians passionate about the art of improvisation.

40 musicians from Canada and the US have chosen CAMMAC for a spring retreat and are offering this concert as a gift! 


David Darling (1941-2021)


Improvised orchestra and ensembles featuring members of the International and Montreal Music for People Improv Collective.

Sunday May 28 at 11 a.m.

Free Admission!

The director of this weekend’s Music for People Retreat is Montreal-born singer, voice teacher, MfP improvisation facilitator and sound artist Irene Feher. Irene is absolutely thrilled to be returning to CAMMAC this summer as a member of the teaching staff for CAMMAC’s Summer Music Retreats! She will be there during Week 8 “More Musical Fusions” teaching contemporary voice, active listening and facilitating free improvisation.