Wendat percussionist Christian Paré Bastien is known for his versatility in playing many instruments and international musical styles.

Christian’s love and passion for music has led him to study a wide variety of musical styles with a “world” view. He has studied rhythms of the world internationally through private education. He has also pursued a general education at Université Laval and Université de Montreal, followed by advanced training in the Americas, Asia, Africa and the mystical Easter Island, including two encounters with Rapa Nui artists and musicians. His experience has led him to perform in numerous shows, world tours and recordings.

Christian is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in teaching at l’Université Laval, in order to perfect the educational aspect of his artistic activities. Since 2021, he has been a graduate teaching assistant and has collaborated in the design of the course Réalités des Premiers Peuples en éducation at l’Université Laval.