French/British cellist Fanny Marks entered the local music school at age 9, going on to earn her Bachelor of Music from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (London), her postgraduate degree in music from the Royal Academy of Music (London) and her postgraduate Performance Diploma from the University of Indiana (USA) in the studio of Janos Starker.

Trained as a performing artist, most of her career has consisted in touring with orchestras (such as the Nederlands Kamerorkest and the Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest) and chamber music groups in concert halls and theatres across Europe and the Americas.

Throughout her music life she has developed a passion for working with kids – music theatre, children’s operas, workshops for disabled kids or kids with special needs /low-income families and youth music summer camps in Europe but also in her numerous travels around the world.

Fanny moved to Wakefield, Quebec in September 2014 and started her own cello teaching studio in Wakefield.

Since summer 2015, she has been a regular substitute at the National Arts Centre Orchestra in Ottawa.

Since September 2019, she has been a teaching artist at Orkidstra, an Ottawa Sistema-inspired organization which empowers kids playing in music ensembles and builds strong harmonious communities.

Since September 2021, Fanny has been the conductor of the Senior Strings at the Ottawa Youth Orchestra Academy.