Gabrielle Bouthillier is a performing artist, singer, musician and storyteller, as well as a researcher and transmitter of sung heritage and a choir director. A member of several ensembles, including the Orchestre d’hommes-orchestres, Strada, Serre l’Écoute and the New Cackle Sisters, she collaborates on numerous performing arts projects (Michel Faubert, the Bureau de l’APA, Les Incomplètes) and also coordinates and leads the Atelier de chant traditionnel de Québec and the Atelier d’harmonies de Québec. The artistic projects that she sets up or in which she participates, nourished by an obvious ethnographic sensitivity, often become sites for the development of sung, spoken or musical heritage. By bringing these ancient popular repertoires to the stage, she contributes to reconnecting the audience with an active practice of music that is otherwise only accessible through recordings. Beyond the stage, Gabrielle seeks to reinvent spaces and strategies for transmission and reappropriation of oral traditions. By encouraging their active and collective practice, she becomes an unlikely but effective part of the chain of transmission of knowledge.