Hélène Plouffe’s love for music has been ingrained in her from an early age, with memories of playing instruments dating back as far as she can recall. Her career in early music has led her to share her passion around the world, while perfecting the art of the baroque violin, baroque viola, and viola d’amore.

Hélène has had the pleasure of training many artists thanks to her position at McGill University for over fifteen years.

She has also released over 125 recordings, which have enabled her to gain a loyal following among music enthusiasts.

Hélène has been a nurse for over ten years. She describes this career change as a calling. Her desire to heal people now enables her to care for others, not only physically, but also through her music, which heals her patients’ souls. As a specialist in palliative care, she is always available to her patients, often playing the violin at their bedsides. Despite her busy schedule, she continues to share her love of early music on stages across North America. At this point in her career, she places a high value on her colleagues.