Élyse Lamanque-Girard

Among other qualities, Élyse Lamanque Girard has been described as musical, expressive and charismatic in various concerts. Always working to improve her play, she attended the masterclasses of Adrian Butterfield, Horacio Franco and Piers Adams. Furthermore, she was invited to collaborate with La Compagnie baroque Mont-Royal, Les Lys naissants and to perform at Montreal Baroque Festival. Élyse currently teaches at École de Musique Jocelyne Laberge all year long and at the Camp du Père Lindsay in the summer.

In 2015, she obtained her B.A. with honours in recorder performance with Matthias Maute as her teacher. Now pursuing a Master’s degree at University of Montreal, she will be part of student exchange at the Conservatoire Royal in Brussels next fall.


Photo credit: Mathieu Bourgie