“I have attended the CAMMAC music centre every summer, beginning in 1961, shortly after Jan and I were married.  It has been a wonderful and enriching experience for me, and for our six children.  My teaching at the centre has included singing, folk dancing and sports, but mostly arts and crafts with children ages 4 to 11.  In most recent years I’ve also been doing arts and crafts with teens. When not at the music centre my teaching career has been working with deaf and hearing impaired children and teens, for the Montreal Oral School for the Deaf.  This teaching has also been most rewarding.  I retired from teaching the deaf youngsters at the age of seventy-six; how I miss them!  Since then I have renewed my interest in making pottery of all shapes and sizes, making quilts, attending many concerts, plays and operas. I am very much looking forward to doing arts and crafts again this summer at CAMMAC.  See you there!”

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