Trevor Kjorlien is a space educator, storyteller, and stage performer based in Montreal. As the founder of Plateau Astro, he has been dedicated to space outreach in the city since 2013. With a passion for teaching about space and astronomy, Trevor conducts events, workshops, and team-building activities that explore the wonders of the urban night sky.

In 2019, Trevor took on the role of host for the English version of National Geographic Observétoiles, located in Sutton, Quebec. His expertise and engaging presence have led to numerous interviews and features on television, radio, and in newspapers.

With a background in digital video creation and web development since 2007, Trevor combines his technological skills with his love for education. In 2018, he decided to channel his passion into teaching people about spaceflight, the night sky, and culture through Plateau Astro.

Trevor’s impact has been significant, as he has organized workshops, events, and presentations that have reached thousands of individuals. His dedication to promoting space exploration and the Canadian space story led him to collaborate with the Canadian Space Agency’s Communications department in 2022, where he created videos that showcase the nation’s achievements in space.

With Trevor Kjorlien as your guide, you can expect a fun and entertaining experience as he brings the wonders of the cosmos to life through his storytelling and stage performances.