Véronique Brouillette, B.Sc. Kinesiologist, President and Founder of Clinique de l’Artiste

Véronique Brouillette’s musical path starts in early childhood studying violin, transverse flute, guitar and cello. Singing becomes a passion and in college she earns a double degree (DEC) in both Social Science and Music – Classical Singing. Today she pursues this passion by lending her voice to a classical choir.

As for her athlete’s path, she used to play competitive soccer as a teenager. She also practiced recreationally other sports like tennis and downhill skiing.

It didn’t take long for her two paths to merge and Véronique is now holding a Kinesiology Diploma from L’Université de Sherbrooke and another one from L’École Médecine des Arts, where she specialized in musculoskeletal injuries in musicians. Her thesis on string players from Montreal area was presented in New York at the 2016 Annual Conference of the Performing Arts Medicine Association.

In 2014, Véronique created her company: Clinique de l’Artiste. Since, she has been working closely with different universities and colleges, with professional musicians and ensembles. She meets her clients where it serves them best; at home, in rehearsal spaces, in performance halls and schools. Véronique has been working on the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries among musicians to help them to understand well the impact of their posture with and without the musician instrument and then manage it on their own. Musical performance and stress management is also a big part of her intervention with musicians.


Clinique de l’artiste

Clinique de l’Artiste offers a personalized approach to help artists reduce the risk of injuries and do readaptation when it’s needed. Her slogan Follow your body’s rhythm is reflecting the goal of the clinic !

Whether it is to prepare a concert, a vocal performance or to feel more confortable in your body as a musician, Clinique de l’Artiste helps artists to be at their full potential by a better understanding of movement through exercises, adapted treatments and advices.