Recap of the music program registration process


Part 1- Lodging, music program and meal plan

If you have not done so already, book your lodging, music program and meal plan on CAMMAC’s ReservIt site.

An email confirmation will be sent by ReservIt.

For questions, contact us at


Part 2- Personal Information


Complete the Personal information form online for yourself and the people accompanying you. Once you have clicked the ‘Submit button’ a thank you message will appear. No email confirmation will be sent.

We suggest that you print a PDF copy before submitting the form in case you encounter  technical difficulties when submitting.

This is where you indicate your personal information pertaining to instruments, allergies, pre-registration courses and the like.

Courses requiring preregistration and their deadlines are listed here: Important dates for pre-registration courses

This step is required for all participants and teachers and must be done in order to complete the registration process.


Part 3- Chamber Music, Jazz Combo

For those of you who are pre-registering specifically for :

Chamber Music

Chamber Music Intensive

Jazz Combos and Winds

Please click on the link corresponding to the preregistration course that you are registering for, complete it, save and forward it to

There are deadlines and limited number of students to certain pre-registration type courses. Please ensure you complete this registration step at your earliest convenience.


Looking forward to seeing you!