Dear CAMMAC members,

CAMMAC’S Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday, April 24th. The meeting was held over Zoom, with approximately 60 people in attendance. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Jean-Charles Grégoire was elected Chairperson for the meeting, and Margaret Sankey was elected Secretary for the meeting.


Susan King, our outgoing Board Chairperson, made the first address, thanking the present and outgoing board members for their service, along with the employees at the Music Centre. She gave special thanks to both Cynthia Bonenfant, CAMMAC Executive Director and to Guylaine Lemaire, CAMMAC Artistic Director, for going above and beyond to keep the music going throughout the year despite the challenges. We’d like to thank Susan for her service to CAMMAC and her time on the board; she will be missed.


Our Executive Director, Cynthia Bonenfant, reported on all the improvements and repairs that the last year’s closure has given us the time to complete:

  • the instruments in the Bartok have been repaired and reorganized;
  • the lighting in the staircase of the Main Pavilion has been refurbished;
  • the Music Library has been completely reorganized;
  • in Lucy Hall, the lighting was refurbished, the curtains were deep-cleaned, miscellaneous repairs were done, and three stories of temperature-controlled storage were constructed to house our ever-growing musical instrument collection;
  • the kitchen was completely emptied, deep-cleaned and painted, and is now being reorganized to accommodate the elimination of the buffet food service, which will allow us to comply with new health and safety regulations and improve the quality of our food services.

In addition, Cynthia mentioned some notable instrument donations received in 2020, including 2 beautiful grand pianos and a harpsichord.

There is no indication yet as to when the Quebec Government intends to lift the current restrictions on overnight camps. In the meantime, every possible option is being considered to make activities at the Music Centre as safe as possible for everyone once re-opening is possible.


Our Artistic Director, Guylaine Lemaire, spoke about all the activities that took place in 2020, both in-person and online. Despite the pandemic, CAMMAC had a very active year, holding a Spring Break week at the Music Centre, then adapting to offer online programming throughout the rest of the year as a way to continue fulfilling our mission of encouraging people of all ages to experience the joy of making music together in a welcoming and cooperative environment. Guylaine mentioned that our online programming will remain part of CAMMAC’s educational offering, as it’s a great way to stay in touch with our existing members, and to attract new members as well.

Guylaine also spoke about additional projects that CAMMAC has created, including a composition competition that was held in collaboration with CAMMAC Artist-in-Residence Marc Djokic, and Musical Postcards from the CAMMAC Music Centre, a series of 6 music videos filmed at the Music Centre in October 2020 for which CAMMAC received a sizeable grant from the Canada Council for the Arts.

Guylaine also spoke about our objectives for the future, which include attracting sponsorships and grants for CAMMAC, and creating projects, programming and events that increase CAMMAC’s visibility and international profile.


Margaret Sankey gave the report for CAMMAC-Montreal Region, introducing Hazel de Neeve as the new representative moving forward. Only one in-person event was held in 2020: a socially distanced string workshop with Beatrice Cadrin was held in a park in late summer. Plans for similar events are coming together for the upcoming season, if possible. Montreal Region’s membership fees for 2020 were donated to the National office.

David Stitt gave the report for CAMMAC-Ottawa-Gatineau Region. Even though 2020 was a very challenging year for everyone, Ottawa-Gatineau Region was able to hold some in-person workshops and the annual concert early in the year. When planned activities were cancelled due to the pandemic, Ottawa-Gatineau got creative and was able to present several online alternatives. CAMMAC Ottawa Valley produced a video of a virtual choir performance in lieu of their annual concert. An hour-long film about the history and performances of Come Sing Messiah was produced, hosted by Matthew Larkin, which premiered at the time when the in-person event would have been held. An oboe workshop was held in December, and additional workshops are planned for 2021. A portion of CAMMAC-Ottawa-Gatineau’s membership fees for 2020 was also donated to the National office.

Sheila MacRae presented the report for CAMMAC-Toronto. Most planned activities were cancelled, aside from two very well-attended sight readings that were held early in the year. Activities are planned for the 2021-22 season, in the hopes that they will be able to take place. The Toronto team continues to produce their newsletter on schedule, publishing several articles that are of interest in light of the current situation. The newsletters are available to be consulted by everyone on the CAMMAC-Toronto website: A portion of CAMMAC-Toronto’s membership fees for 2020 was donated to the National office.


Jean-Charles Grégoire presented the Treasurer’s report, offering a comprehensive overview of CAMMAC’s financial situation. With two and a half months of normal operation and nine and a half months of pandemic shutdown, 2020 was a year unlike any previous one, thus it is difficult to compare this year’s financial statements to the previous years’ statements.

To keep in mind:

  • The Music Centre was maintained in a state ready to be opened at any time.
  • There were some unfortunate layoffs but a core team was kept on and was very busy throughout the year.
  • Musical activities were held, albeit not at the Centre.

Pandemic-related factors caused a significant drop in revenue throughout the year, ending with a shortfall, and increased short term-debt. The situation is not as bad as it might have been because we began the year in a very good situation.

CAMMAC received a much larger amount of donations than usual thanks to a very generous and supportive membership: each region donated significant amounts, many members converted their deposits for the cancelled 2020 summer season to donations, and the Annual Campaign was particularly successful.

CAMMAC also received a significant amount of assistance from both the federal and provincial governments, in the form of subsidies and loans from the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy, from the Canada Emergency Business Account, and the Québec Ministère de la Culture et des Communications. Additional support is expected for 2021.

Membership remains stable despite the cancellation of most activities. CAMMAC Online is popular but does not break even. We continue to pursue every possible avenue for grants and sponsorship opportunities. Unknown factors that will affect CAMMAC in 2021 include our eligibility for additional federal subsidy programs, provincial assistance for overnight camps, and of course, the evolution of the pandemic.

Taking the current situation into account, the likelihood of reopening this summer is low. Our needs at this time are minimal if we can’t host groups or overnight camps, but basic funding is still required.

Our financing is assured until June. A line of credit increase has been requested, we will continue to try to make the virtual program profitable, and we continue to aggressively pursue government grants as well as explore the potential for sponsorships. Donations will continue to be crucial as we go forward.


David Llewellyn gave a report for the Nomination Committee and presented the new members for election:

  • Jean-Charles Grégoire, Darlene Himick and John McBride were re-elected.
  • Bill Abbott, Susan King and Margaret Sankey are standing down.
  • Hazel de Neeve is leaving as an elected member of the National Board of Directors to become the representative to the Board for the Montreal Region.
  • Anna Lenk is the new representative for the Ottawa-Gatineau Region.
  • Three new members are joining the National Board: Steve Driscoll, Jessica Gal, and David Stitt.
  • David Llewellyn and Elaine Châteauvert will remain members of the Nominating Committee. A third member will be named by the Board at a later date.


Special thanks to Bill Abbott, Susan King and Margaret Sankey for their contributions to CAMMAC. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

Following the Meeting, the Board held their first meeting, and elected the new Executive Committee:

Chairperson: Jean-Charles Grégoire
Vice-President: David Stitt
Secretary: Sheila MacRae
Treasurer: Darlene Himick



CAMMAC is already looking for volunteers to serve on the Board of Directors for 2022-2023 or possibly as replacements during 2021-2022 should any vacancies occur, and on the Regional Management Committees, and for the Nominating Committee for 2022-2023! If you would like to get more involved in helping CAMMAC move forward in the upcoming year and beyond, please don’t hesitate to let us know:


CAMMAC members in good standing who would like to consult the 2020 Annual Report and Audited Financial Statement can do so by sending a request to:


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