A gift for the whole family!

A musical Spring Break at CAMMAC Music Centre

Spring Break Week for parents, grandparents and children March 4-9, 2018

During spring break, parents and grandparents are invited to CAMMAC Music Centre, in the Laurentians on picturesque Lake MacDonald, for some wonderful inter-generational music learning experiences in a relaxed and beautiful setting. This is a great way to share precious musical moments with your children or grand-children, as well as with other adults. Our Spring Break Week is also a perfect moment to enjoy the beginning of Spring in the magnificent setting of the CAMMAC Music Centre at Lake MacDonald. This week includes  many activities such as choral, recorder, dance, and chamber music sessions, along with origami (and introduction Japanese culture), snow games and sports. You don’t need to read music to participate! The week will be capped off by a concert celebrating everyone’s musical achievements!

ARRIVAL: Sunday March 4 at 5 p.m.
DEPARTURE: Friday March 9 after lunchtime (2 p.m.)

Program: March 2018 Schedule

Adults : Active listening, recorder (various levels), dance, learning to read a musical score, madrigals, origami, informal chamber music, percussions

Children (5 years old and over): choir, dance, recorder, percussions, chamber music, sports, snow games, origami

Contact us if you wish to register a child who is 4 1/2 years old.

There will also be some joint activities for adults and children, and in the evening, lots of fun events such as organized games, treasure hunts, movies, cabaret night, camp fire and many more!


This week is feasible thanks to the support of Loisirs Laurentides. Thank you to our sponsor!

Register online on CAMMAC's ReservIt page :

CAMMAC’s ReservIt page

Begin by selecting the following dates: March 4-9

Following your booking, we will send you a Participant Profil PDF to be completed for every participant.

Price examples *

The amount below includes the cost of the music program, meal plan and lodging.

If you wish to book two rooms, an adult must be in every room for the ReservIt platform to be able to process the booking. Please contact us if you encounter difficulties.

CAMMAC reserves the right to cancel the week if the minimum number of participants is not meant.

1 adult, 1 child
1 adult, 2 children


965 $ /stay


1 255 $ /stay
2 adults, 2 children
2 adults


1 845 $ /stay


1 265 $ /stay

* plus applicable taxes. Annual membership fee may apply. Other charges may be applicable, for example private bathroom charge or larger room.

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Classes and Teachers

Artistic Director: Guylaine Lemaire
Week Directors: François Ouimet et Mélodie Rabatel
Choir and Small Ensembles for children: Mélodie Rabatel
Choir for adults (a cappella / madrigals) – learning to read a musical score for adults– active listening for adults: François Ouimet
Origami and introduction to Japanese culture for adults and children: Hideko Sinto
Sports and leisure activities – Hubert Tanguay-Labrosse
Percussions – Isabelle Tardif
Recorder – Femke Bergsma
Dance –  Fannie Gagnon

Femke Bergsma

Hubert Tanguay-Labrosse

Francois A. Ouimet

Mélodie Rabatel

Hideko Sinto

Leo Guiollot

Program adult (25 years and over) 275 $ Meal Plan adult 250 $ Single 175 $
Program student 2018
(12 to 24 years)
125 $ Meal Plan student 250 $ Double 215 $
Program child (5 to 11 years) * 100 $ Meal Plan child 125 $ Triple 280 $
Quad 345 $
Private bath 150 $


Program adult/student (25 years and over) 325 $
Program student 2018 (12 to 24 years) 200 $
Program child (5 to 11 years) * 200 $


* Contact us at communications@cammac.ca if you wish to register a child who is 4 1/2 years old.