A gift for everyone!
A musical Spring Break at CAMMAC Music Centre

Spring Break Weeks for everyone! With or without children!
March 3-8, 2019

During spring break, everyone is invited, including parents and grandparents, to CAMMAC Music Centre, in the Laurentians on picturesque Lake MacDonald, for some wonderful inter-generational music learning experiences in a relaxed and beautiful setting. This is a great way to share precious musical moments with your children or grand-children, as well as with other adults. Our Spring Break Week is also a perfect moment to enjoy the warmer winter temperatures in the magnificent setting of the CAMMAC Music Centre at Lake MacDonald. This week includes many activities such as choral, recorder, dance, and chamber music sessions, along with origami (and introduction Japanese culture), snow games and sports. You don’t need to read music to participate! The week will be capped off by a concert celebrating everyone’s musical achievements!

*Please note that we offer a full adult program.

ARRIVAL: Sunday at 5 p.m.
DEPARTURE: Friday after lunchtime (2 p.m.)


Adults : Active listening, recorder (various levels), dance, learning to read a musical score, madrigals, origami, informal chamber music, percussions

Children (5 years old and over): choir, dance, recorder, percussions, chamber music, sports, snow games, origami

There will also be some joint activities for adults and children, and in the evening, lots of fun events such as organized games, treasure hunts, movies, cabaret night, camp fire and many more!

Courses and teachers

Mélodie Rabatel

Week’s Director

Songs and small ensembles – piano
Adult vocal ensemble

Music reading
Active listening

Femke Bergsma


Hideko Sinto

Japanese Culture

Alcina Chiu


Virginie Proulx-Tremblay

Activities (sports & games)

Guylaine Lemaire

Guylaine Lemaire

Artistic Director

Craig Girardin


Course Descriptions

Small Ensembles

The small ensembles course is open to all instruments, and to intermediate and advanced musicians. It is essentially a chamber music course. Size and repertoire vary depending on the number of participants. Groups are formed with players of similar levels.

Active listening *

This course seeks to develop and enrich the experience of music lovers by acquiring specific knowledge of music styles, forms and genres. The collective listening of musical works is accompanied by comments by the teacher and may also be enhanced by audio-visual materials. The active collaboration of participants is frequently encouraged.

Singing for All *

This course is for all participants. It is a great opportunity for everyone – adults and children – to sing together.


The recorder course is for intermediate and advanced players.  Participants deepen their knowledge of recorder technique and the art of playing together in a group while exploring a varied repertoire.

A Capella Winter Songs*

A warming and fun exploration of music about ice and snow! Singers will discover a varied a varied a capella repertoire around the theme of Winter (opera chorus, songs from Québec and English popular songs.) Music will include:

  • Winter Chorus – Lully
  • Soir d’hiver – Nelligan/Léveillée
  • Je reviens chez nous – J-P Ferland
  • White Winter hymnal – Pentatonix

(the ability to read music and sing in harmony would be an asset)

Music reading*

Would you like to learn to read music or perfect your musical reading? This course is an introduction to what you need to know to read a score. Over the centuries, codes have been chosen to write musical notes and rhythms. By “decoding” a score – you can read it and therefore sing it or play it.


Through demonstrations and group practice, participants will become familiar with some of the most common percussion instruments and especially the djembe.  Some of the areas covered will be: hand grip, tone production and, of course, rhythm. A fun course for everyone!

Origami & Japanese Culture*

Origami is an art that allows you to create, with the aid of a simple sheet of paper, a succession of folds to achieve, without cutting or gluing, the figurative representation or not, of all kinds of models. Every day of the week, we will fold a variety of Origami models that will make a communal work of art that will cover the windows and walls of the CAMMAC cafeteria. The models taught will be adapted to the skills and ages of each participant. At the end of the week, participants will be able to take home their own pieces. Adults and teenagers will also benefit from an introduction to Japanese Art History as well as Japanese language.


This is a course of exploration in movements punctuated by music. Different types of dance will be presented during the week. Dance is a wonderful way to learn more deeply about the rhythms, flows and dynamics of music. A course that will please everyone!

* means a course is suitable for beginners.

Teens at CAMMAC

NEW Have you ever wanted to come to CAMMAC without your parents !?!? Have you ever wanted to send your teen to CAMMAC ALONE!?!?

This is your chance: a maximum of 10 teens will be able to attend CAMMAC over Thanksgiving WITHOUT their parents! CAMMAC has an experienced guardian willing to supervise them and give them the opportunity to experience CAMMAC. Broadway, Jazz, Chamber music and more!

Write us for pricing and details (and yes, your parents will have to sign a waiver… be prepared to write us a nice motivation letter/paragraph!) communications@cammac.ca


Come as a group at CAMMAC and obtain a rebate!
We offer a 100 $ rebate per room for 5 rooms booked by participants from the same organisation (choir, association, school, business etc.). The rebate will be visible on your final invoice. You must enter the name of your organisation in the ‘comments’ field when booking your room, program and meal plan.

Music program registration, room booking and meal plan:

Click here to register

Program adult (25 years and over) 275 $ Meal Plan adult 250 $ Single 175 $
Program student 2019
(12 to 24 years)
125 $ Meal Plan student 250 $ Double 215 $
Program child (5 to 11 years) * 100 $ Meal Plan child 125 $ Triple 280 $
Chaperone ** 150 $ Quad 345 $
Private bath 150 $


Program adult/student (25 years and over) 325 $
Program student 2019 (12 to 24 years) 200 $
Program child (5 to 11 years) * 200 $


* Contact us at communications@cammac.ca if you wish to register a child who is 4 1/2 years old.
** A chaperone is a person who accompanies a child, a teen or an adult and who will not take part in the music program. Maximum of one chaperone per registration.