WEEK 7: Sunday August 11 to Sunday August 18, 2024

The best of Broadway, Blues… and Motown!

This week celebrates the iconic sounds of America, from soaring vocals to soulful expression, by way of Motor City’s Motown grooves.

A wide range of exciting possibilities are on offer this week: experience the thrill of performing in a Broadway musical, master the blues scale, and even try your hand at songwriting. Choral conductor Marg Stubington will select an eclectic repertoire of celebratory music for singers of all levels, from beginner to advanced. Other classes include Broadway piano, ukulele, and songwriting. Plus… CAMMAC wouldn’t be CAMMAC without all your favourite classes: chamber music, recorder, dance, yoga, and more.


+ Calling all aspiring and experienced musical theatre enthusiasts…
This is your week to give it your all by singing, acting, and dancing in a Broadway show!

  • Broadway Singing, Dancing, and Acting: Gain a strong foundation in the key disciplines of musical theatre, learning from experienced instructors in dedicated classes.
  • Broadway Choir: Develop your vocal skills and learn the joy of singing Broadway tunes alongside others in a dedicated choir setting.
  • Broadway Piano: Master the basic techniques of piano performance with an emphasis on repertoire and accompaniment specific to musical theatre.
  • Musical Theatre Voice Masterclass: Hone your vocal performance skills in a supportive environment through individual coaching sessions with CAMMAC’s pianist. Participants will work on a 2 to 3-minute piece that they have chosen and prepared in advance, receiving constructive feedback on various aspects like breathing, vocal production, diction, and stage presence.

+ For Blues lovers:
Develop your rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic abilities in the context of a blues ensemble-playing for strings, voice, brass, and various percussion instruments.
Plus, for guitarists – workshops for all levels will explore traditional Blues repertoire with a focus on various tonalities of the Blues scale and the use of song structure.

“Get Ready” to experience the heart and soul of Motor City with the arrival of CAMMAC’s brand-new Motown workshop. Forget the “Baby Love” blues and the “Can’t Help Myself” feeling when it comes to learning about the signature rhythms that will have you “Dancing in the Street”, and playing the sounds that have “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” countless timeless hits. By the end of the week, you’ll be ready to “Stop! In The Name of Love” for anything less than soulful grooves!

+ Turn your musical ideas into reality!
From structure to melody, composer Marie-Claire Saindon will guide you through all the ins and outs of songwriting. Study harmonization, arrangement, and the relationship between lyrics and music, as well as practice various writing techniques. Plus, participants will collaborate on creating a song for CAMMAC throughout the week.

+ Nature activity class for kids.
Muriel Bontemps
will lead children on a journey of discovery through the wonders of nature, inspired by Coyote Programs. Kids will explore CAMMAC’s natural surroundings and connect with the environment through interactive songs and games, survival activities, and hands-on experiences that will teach them about different aspects of nature.

Two initiatives designed to help new participants make the most of their time at CAMMAC.
In the weeks leading up to the program, we will be reaching out to new participants to answer any questions they may have and help them prepare for their week at the Music Center. In addition, we will be implementing a buddy system where each new participant will be paired with a more experienced member who will act as a guide and provide orientation throughout the week.

If you are registering with children for camping or as an off-site participant, you may experience difficulty with the online reservation system. In this case, please call us to make your reservation.
819-687-3938 / 1-888-622-8755, ext. 25
To find out about shuttle and carpooling options: CLICK HERE


A full music program for adults features a diverse choice of classes and workshops for all levels of amateur musicians.

The children’s program is suitable for ages 4 and a half to 12 years old. Teens can choose from a range of classes tailored specifically for them, as well as adult classes.

If you don’t know how to read music, don’t worry! Classes for beginners are available.


Classes indicated with a *P* require pre-registration. You will receive instructions for pre-registration once your reservation is complete. You will select the remaining classes for your schedule on the Sunday evening of your arrival at CAMMAC. Please note that the deadline for pre-registration for Week 7 is: July 15, 2024.

Broadway classes:

  • Broadway choir
  • Broadway piano
  • Broadway singing, dancing and acting
  • Musical theatre voice masterclass *P*


Vocal classes & ensembles:

  • A cappella
  • Choir
  • Vocal technique


Classes and ensembles for instruments:

  • Blues / Motown ensemble (may also include vocalists)
  • Chamber music for winds, strings and piano *P*
  • Guitar: Blues
  • Guitar: Classical and Popular
  • Percussion: World
  • Recorder
  • Ukulele


Other classes:

  • Active listening
  • Composition
  • Dance
  • Songwriting
  • Yoga


  • Arts & crafts
  • Broadway classes
  • Chamber music
  • Choir
  • Dance
  • Nature workshop
  • Percussion
  • Piano
  • Recorder
  • Ukulele


Choral works:
The choral repertoire will include a selection of joyful pieces that will be appropriate for beginners as well as challenge more advanced vocalists.


Adults: Fiddler on the Roof

Set in Anatevka, a small Russian village teetering on the edge of change, “Fiddler on the Roof” tells the story of Tevye, a poor but proud Jewish milkman. Determined to preserve his traditions, Tevye grapples with a world shifting beneath his feet. His three eldest daughters, defying the custom of arranged marriages, choose love over tradition, leading to humorous and heartfelt clashes. As societal and political unrest rise, Tevye’s faith and the future of his family are tested. Through laughter and tears, the musical explores themes of love, family, faith, and the enduring struggle to hold onto tradition in a changing world.

Teens and young adults: Mean Girls

Fresh off the savanna and new to suburban Illinois, homeschooled Cady Heron longs to fit in at North Shore High. Befriended by the outsider duo, Janis and Damian, they convince Cady to infiltrate the “Plastics,” a powerful clique ruled by the queen bee, Regina George. Cady’s mission to take Regina down turns into a hilarious yet cautionary tale. As Cady morphs into a “Plastic” to spy on them, she loses sight of herself and hurts those closest to her. The fallout exposes the Burn Book, a collection of brutal gossip, leading to a reckoning for Cady and the Plastics. Through catchy music, the musical reminds us of the importance of true friendship, staying true to yourself, and the pitfalls of chasing popularity.

Kids: Beauty and the Beast

In a quaint French village, Belle, a bookish and adventurous young woman, longs for a life beyond the ordinary. Meanwhile, a prince’s cruelty is punished by an enchantress who transforms him into a hideous Beast and his castle staff into household objects. To break the curse, the Beast must learn to love and be loved in return before the last petal falls from an enchanted rose. Belle stumbles upon the Beast’s castle and, to save her father imprisoned there, offers herself as his captive. As Belle and the Beast grow closer through shared experiences and intellectual connection, a deeper bond forms, challenging their preconceived notions. Will the Beast learn to love and be loved before it’s too late? This timeless tale explores the power of love, the importance of looking beyond appearances, and the beauty found within.

Download the CAMMAC songbook (compiled by Michel Beauchamp):


Whether you have been playing for years or are just beginning, our outstanding teachers are here to help you progress on your musical quest—no matter your age!

To find out more about our teachers, click their photos to read their bios.

Artistic Director

Blues Guitar

Choral conductor


Chamber music

Broadway singing & dancing

Nature workshop


Choral director for children & teens

Broadway singing & dancing




Musical Theatre

Arts & Crafts


Blues / Motown band & guitare

Percussion for children & adults


Broadway Piano


Ukulele for children & adults

Broadway Choir
Musical Theatre



Director children’s program


If you are registering with children for camping or as an off-site participant, you may experience difficulty with the online reservation system. In this case, please call us to make your reservation.

If you do not see the room you are looking for when booking online, please contact customer service.

To reserve by phone, from Monday to Friday, (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.):
819-687-3938 / 1-888-622-8755, ext. 25
Email: communications@cammac.ca


Arrival: Sunday August 11 at 4 p.m.
• Rooms will be available beginning at 4 p.m.
• Supper: 6 p.m.
• The program officially begins at 8 p.m.

Departure: Sunday August 18 after breakfast
• Rooms must be vacated by 9 a.m.

Meal Plans:
• Supper and an evening snack are included on the day of your arrival.
• Breakfast, 3 snacks, lunch, and supper are included from Monday to Saturday.
• Breakfast is included on the day of your departure.

IMPORTANT: Please indicate dietary requirements and food allergies when you register.

Music is the highlight of each and every day at CAMMAC, from the musical wake-up call to evening activities, Check out videos from past years’ camp activities, testimonials, and more!

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