Following the good news that arrived from the Canada Council for the Arts, I have been working with our Artist-in-Residence violinist Marc Djokic who received a grant to have Juno Award-Winning Composer Jocelyn Morlock to write a new work about CAMMAC. We have been in touch with Jocelyn Morlock, who will write a multi-movement work for choir, children’s choir and ensemble. Jocelyn is very keen to discover CAMMAC and this project is a very exciting one!

It would be great to have a lot of you involved in this process.

Below are Jocelyn Morlock’s questions for any CAMMAC participants who are willing to let her excerpt their responses in the new piece she is writing about CAMMAC.  (even a few words – she is planning on using a very small amount of text for each section, focusing on using phonemes/sounds and moods from that text.)

Please send your answers to me at by October 15 2018.

Many thanks,


  1.    What are your favourite sounds that you hear at CAMMAC?

do you have a favourite “nature” sound?
do you have favorite “musical” sound?

  1.     Are there any animals, birds, or insects that you see or hear that you associate with being at CAMMAC?
  2.    What’s your favourite time of day at CAMMAC?

why is this – are there special sights, sounds, activities that you enjoy best at this time?

  1.    If you could only describe CAMMAC in one word, what word would you use?