A musical feast… This Thanksgiving, celebrate Fall and the Harvest with family and friends!

October 6 to 9 (Friday evening to Monday lunch) CAMMAC invites you to three days of music with family and friends in an enchanting casual setting.




Thanksgiving banquet and concert, participants’ cabaret- prepare your number!

Musical, artistic, sportst and outdoor activities for adults, children and teens!


Choral Work: Te Deum in C, Haydn and Thanks, be to God (Elijah) of Felix Mendelssohn
Conducted by our Guest choral conductor,  Jean-Sébastien Vallée

Artistic Director: Guylaine Lemaire
Weekend director : Anne-Marie Denoncourt

Our traditional and delicious Thanksgiving Banquet on Sunday evening, followed by our auction led by none other than Harry Qualman!

Reservations for the banquet dinner only :

Ticket office


Artistic Director: Guylaine Lemaire
Anne-Marie Denoncourt, Director
Isabelle Vadeboncoeur- Director of the children’s and teen program

Choral work and vocal ensemble – Jean-Sébastien Vallée
Orchestra and string ensemble – Julian Armour
Vocal technique and active listening – Marie-Annick Béliveau
Recorder (adults) – Marie-Laurence Primeau
Ukulele (adults)- Caroline Tremblay
Wind Ensemble  – Pascale Margely
Dance (adults)- Francine Labrie
Hiking – Geneviève Dubuc
Children’s and teen choir, music games – Isabelle Vadeboncoeur
Chamber music coordinator – Corinne Bergeron
Arts & crafts (adults, teens, children) –Wanda Lowensteyn
Drawing- Avery Zhao-Djokic
Yoga- Cynthia McBride

Other activities offered over the weekend

  • Auction
  • Saturday Night Cabaret for all participants: start practicing your act now!
  • Thanksgiving Banquet on Sunday evening followed by an auction.
  • Hiking
  • Tennis


Thanksgiving Weekend prices

CAMMAC has migrated from a paper-based registration process to an online room booking and registration process.

Here are the prices per room for the duration of the stay and also the prices per person for the program and meal plan. All details are available on the registration and booking platform:

ReservIt for CAMMAC

Main Lodge

Room prices per room for the duration of the stay (October 6th to 9th)

Single Occupancy: 175$/stay

Double Occupancy: 215$/stay

Triple Occupancy: 280$/stay

Quadruple Occupancy: 345$/stay

Some rooms have a private bathroom. A 75$ extra charge is added to the price listed above.


Room prices per room for the duration of the stay (October 6th to 9th)

Single Occupancy: 100$/stay

Double Occupancy: 145$/stay

Triple Occupancy: 170$/stay

Quadruple Occupancy: 200$/stay

Some rooms have a private bathroom. A 75$ extra charge is added to the price listed above.

Music Program

Adult: $275

2nd Adult: $125

Student: $175

2nd Student (and following): $125

1st Child: $115

2nd Child (and following): $0 free!

Meal Plan

Adult: $185

Student: $185

Child: $93

Includes the banquet.

Room Prices

Please refer to the registration section below.

Music Program Only (offsite)
  • Adult: $ 300
  • Student: $225
  • Child: $175
CAMMAC Membership
  • Individual: $35
  • Student & Senior: $30
  • Family: $55
Thanksgiving Banquet
  • Adult: $50
  • Student: $40
  • Child (under 12 years old): $25

To be purchased on the Weezeent site (link to be added).


Our new registration platform is now online!

Book your stay with us at: ReservIt for CAMMAC

As with all new IT platforms, we may experience ‘bugs’ and there is certainly room for improvement.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience. We wish to stress that your comments are welcome and that we are looking forward to meeting you in October!

The registration procedures are detailed in the following guide:  Registration Handbook Thanksgiving 2017

It is best to use a computer (not a tablet) to register

If you have questions or require assistance in registring, please do not hesitate to contact us my email: reservations@cammac.ca

Should you wish to register over the phone, please send us an email with your phone number and the best time of day to contact you.


Discover our dynamic team of teachers who all look forward to welcoming you at the music centre! To find out more about each member of our staff,  click on their photo and read their bio.

Avery Zhao-Djokic
Avery Zhao-Djokic
Marie-Annick Beliveau
Anne-Marie Denoncourt
Francine Labrie
Geneviève Dubuc
Jean-Sébastien Vallée
Julian Armour
Julian Armour
Wanda Lowensteyn
Marc Djokic
Pascale Margely
Marie-Laurence Primeau
Caroline Tremblay
Isabelle Vadeboncoeur