There are countless reasons to love choral singing, but did you know that singing more often can make you happier and healthier?

Humans have known for centuries that singing is beneficial – as far back as Greek antiquity,  Aristotle wrote that shared creative experiences cultivate feelings of happiness and social connection. Plato wrote that “more than anything else, rhythm and harmony find their way into the inmost soul and take strongest hold upon it.”

According to the Alliance chorale du Québec, singing facilitates personal growth, brightens the spirit and makes it easier to create connections and requires a good physical effort.

Physiotherapist and speaker Denis Fortier explains on his blog that singing can help manage chronic pain, alleviate Parkinson’s symptoms, prevent back pain and also reduce anxiety, especially for people suffering from respiratory problems.

A recent study of 2,316 choral singers by the University College of London showed that singing in a virtual choir can have the same mental and emotional health benefits as singing in a live choir. Participants in this study experienced an increased sense of happiness, a noticeable boost in their self-esteem and reduced feelings of social isolation.

«Cette étude étonnante montre comment l’expérience virtuelle rassemble les gens et leur donne le sentiment d’être connectés. L’expérience de la chorale virtuelle est ouverte aux gens d’une manière qui va au-delà de ce que la plupart des chorales traditionnelles peuvent offrir. Nous avons constaté que des communautés se sont développées grâce à ces chœurs virtuels, des liens très étroits se créant entre des personnes qui, souvent, ne se sont jamais rencontrées en personne». – Eric Whitacre

Curious about what joining an online choir can do for you?

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