The CAMMAC Songbooks

Compiled by Michel Beauchamp

One of the most cherished traditions of the Summer Music Retreats at the CAMMAC Music Centre is the weekly campfire singalong.

Since 2019, classical and flamenco guitarist Michel Beauchamp, who has taught at the CAMMAC Music Centre for many years, has been compiling an eclectic mix of campfire songs. His efforts have culminated in two substantial volumes, each containing approximately 100 pages of lyrics and chords, which he has generously made available for us to offer as a free download.

Michel has meticulously transcribed each song with not only lyrics but also guitar chords in letter notation, conveniently positioned above the corresponding vowels. This thoughtful arrangement makes it easier for musicians of all levels to follow along and contribute to the communal singing experience.

The songbooks cover a diverse range of genres: Quebec folklore, Native American tunes, Cajun melodies, contemporary Quebec and French songs, pop hits, jazz and country classics, movie soundtracks, Latino rhythms, lullabies, and even some festive Christmas carols. You’ll undoubtedly find the perfect repertoire to liven up your next singalong, whether it’s by the campfire, or elsewhere! Michel encourages everyone to share the them freely, to help spread the word about CAMMAC.

Classical and flamenco guitarist,
Michel Beauchamp

Michel encourages everyone to share the songbooks freely, to help spread the word about CAMMAC.

To find out more about Michel Beauchamp, including the dates of his next concerts and his latest album: CLICK HERE