Have you ever imagined what it might be like to play along with an orchestra, a jazz combo or a rock band? Tomplay can make your dreams come true!

Tomplay is offering a 40% discount off the regular price for CAMMAC members: $60USD for one year (instead of $97.99USD per year).

What is Tomplay? 

Tomplay is a cross-platform app that allows users to play along with pre-recorded audio versions of a piece while following the sheet music. It’s available for the iPad and Android tablets and for PC and Mac computers. With over 30,000 scores available in varying levels of difficulty, it’s a fun way to make music and improve your skills.


Tomplay has revolutionized music scores!

  • A digitised score scrolls automatically on your screen in time with the music.
  • A metronome is integrated into the app to allow you to work on your rhythm and timing.
  • Scores are available for 22 instruments as well as for singers.
  • For string and wind instruments, you will also find a tuning fork for tuning your instrument.
  • You can choose your tempo, record yourself, annotate and print your scores, practice passages in a loop and much more!

Tomplay is also a great resource for teachers:



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Find out more about Tomplay on their website: CLICK HERE

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