Be a part of CAMMAC’s first-ever

All CAMMAC members and teachers are invited to participate!


Following the temporary shutdown of the Music Centre during the Covid-19 pandemic, choral director and CAMMAC teacher Mélodie Rabatel composed the lyrics and music for the song HYMNE À CAMMAC as a tribute to the wonderful people and experiences that we have all shared at CAMMAC.

As a celebration of the CAMMAC community, we will be creating a compilation video of your recordings of Mélodie’s song. CAMMAC teacher Kevin O’Neil will edit your submissions and create the final video.


We hope that many of you will participate and that you’ll get your kids and grandkids involved too. This is a great project, whether you’re singing solo or for the whole family!

There is no fee required to participate, but donations are welcome to help cover the production costs associated with the project.

All donors of $50 and more will have their name included in the video credits. You can also donate anonymously if you prefer.
Even if you decide not to submit a video for the project, your support is most welcome.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!


Begin by downloading the sheet music. the lyrics, the example video and the accompanying tracks.

*Please note that the video for the accompanying tracks and example video shows a black screen during the first minute of the recording (this will not be on the final recording).


Watch the example video (Exemple vidéo MR-Hymne de CAMMAC-pour choristes), practice a few times to get comfortable with the part you’ve chosen, and then get ready to record your video.


What to wear?

Make yourself look great!
Participants should wear a brightly coloured top (a single colour). Teachers should be in concert attire, in black, chic.


Lighting and where to record?

Position yourself in front of a plain wall or a white background.

Use bright natural lighting, either near a window or outdoors. Make sure your light source is not behind you – it should be coming from somewhere behind the camera, out of the scene.



Notes for Chorists:

  • Three videos have been provided for you to sing to – they are each soloed versions of the three-part harmony. You can choose the part you would like to perform, so that whenever there is harmony, you can sing whichever voice you prefer. You can make multiple recordings if you like, one for each voice.
  • Entrance to the choir: measure 21
  • IMPORTANT: On the phrase sung by Mélodie “Choral Week Jazz or Broadway” (minute 1:09 of the accompanying tracks), say in rhythm, “1 2 3 4” and on the “4”, clap your hands, as Mélodie demonstrates in her video. Do this for both your video and audio recordings – this will help when we edit the footage.
  • Chorus 1 A: Ouh (swing left / right)
  • Chorus 1 B: dou wap (stop swinging)
  • End of Verse 2: “Mais c’est pour mieux te retrouver!” (unison)
  • Chorus 2 A: Ouh (swing left / right)
  • Chorus 2 B: Dou wap
  • End of the chorus, “je lève mon verre c’est l’apéro” (raise a glass as if we were toasting)
  • Bridge: Tutti in unison
  • End of Verse 3: “Pour te chanter jusqu’aux p’tites heures! 
  • Chorus 3 A: all in unison
  • Chorus 3 B: tutti with harmonies
  • At the end: say hello to the audience, send a kiss, etc.


If you are not able to record the sound but you can make a video of yourself singing, we will include it anyhow. We would rather see you involved in this beautiful project than not see you at all!


For children:

If learning the whole song is too difficult for younger singers, you can film and/or record them just singing the bridge. If they don’t want to sing but would like to be in the video, dress them in colourful tops and film them for a few seconds saying hello to the camera.

RECORDING – 2 ways to produce your video

We would prefer if you would record your video and audio separately to achieve better sound quality but if you’re not comfortable doing so, please go ahead and record the video and audio in one take. 

If you choose to record in a single take, please make sure to have the piano track playing through your headphones so that your video contains only the sound of your voice, without any background music.


If you choose to record your video and audio separately:


STEP 1: Video Recording

  • Position the camera in landscape mode: horizontal, 16:9 mode.
  • Position yourself to be filmed at bust level (see the example video).
  • Have someone press RECORD – record video only, no sound.
  • Play your chosen track and sing over it.
  • Smile and be present while you sing – the sound will not be recorded, so you can focus on your visual performance. You can watch the example video provided to see what kind of moves to perform.

Name your file as follows: your-name + video. Number your recordings if you record more than one part.


STEP 2: Audio Recording

If you have sound equipment (sound card, microphone, etc). you can use what you have. If not, you can record with a good cellphone or good quality voice recorder.

Get ready by having the sheet music open on your computer or printed out. Open the music player on your computer (to play the track on), and plug your headphones into your computer.

You only need to record beginning from about the 1:03 minute mark, as long as you count and clap on cue.

  • Face your computer with headphones on.
  • Play the track on your computer’s music player.
  • Begin recording on your sound equipment, cellphone or voice recorder, and sing!

On your recorded track, you should only hear your voice – the music should only be coming through your headphones.

Name your file as follows: your-name + audio. Number your recordings if you record more than one part.

The deadline for sending in your recordings is July 31, 11:59 p.m.


Please make sure your files are labelled as requested with your name and the audio or video designation.

Once you have uploaded your files, complete the following form so that we can properly identify all participants:

Once we’ve received everyone’s submissions, Kevin O’Neil will combine your recordings to produce a high-quality compilation video.

We plan to release the completed project sometime this fall.

Need a bit more information or some quick tips on how to make the most of your recording?

Don’t hesitate to let us know!

If you have any questions about the project or on how to participate, please send them to