A week of Counterpoint !

Sharlene Wallace’s intensive Celtic harp program is in counterpoint to an intensive chamber music program and the Utrecht String Quartet, joining us for the first time—all against the backdrop of the Cantata for choir and orchestra, Ein’ feste Burg ist unser Gott (BWV 80), by the Grand Master of Counterpoint, J.S. Bach.

Classes include: Celtic harp* (several levels and intensive program) – chamber music intensive program – choir – orchestra – piano – voice masterclass (song interpretation) – wind ensemble – string ensemble – recorder – yoga – introduction to counterpoint – reading music (for beginners) – active listening – folk dance

New during week 4 only: Intensive chamber music program

This week’s directors: Elizabeth Little and Caroline Tremblay

The Chamber music program requires pre-registration. The following forms will have to be completed after you have booked your lodging :

Chamber Music Intensive

Please note that your pre-registration will take effect only after you have booked your lodging. Limited spaces available.

*CAMMAC does not provide harps. Contact Vixen Harps for more information about harp rental:

(613) 241-1789 or kathy.ezard@hotmail.com

Registration music program


Genevieve Proulx

Myriam Bernard

Isabelle Vadeboncoeur

Elizabeth Little

Alexa Raine-Wright

Alexa Raine-Wright

Caroline Tremblay

Sylvain Cooke

Maurice Perez

Brenda-Lee Wilson

Mélina Dalaire

Sharlene Wallace

Mark Latham

Wanda Lowensteyn

Genevieve Jalbert

Corinne Bergeron

Josée Marchand

Utrecht string quartet

MUSIC PROGRAM MEAL PLAN (optional for camping and off-site)
Program adult (25 years and over) 525 $ Meal Plan adult 360 $
Program student (12 to 24 years) 350$ Meal Plan student 360 $
Program child (5 to 11 years) * 250$ Meal Plan child 175 $
Program- one class only  175$
Accompagnateur fee *Max one accompagnateur per room  150
Program adult (25 years and over) 550 $ 2nd 3nd
Program student (12 to 24 years) 375 $ 325 $ 300 $
Program child (5 to 11 years) * 275 $ 225 $ 200 $
To book an ‘off-site program’, please call the office at 819 687-3938 . Given the high volume of calls during the registration period, please leave a message with your contact information and the best time for us to call you back.

Main Lodge Cot Main Lodge LakeHouse
Single 500$ n/a 300$
Double 800$ n/a 500$
Triple 975$ 75$ 600$
Quad 1200$ 75$ 0$
Private bath 250$ 250$
1st Tent 200$
Per additional Tent 100$
RV 300$
* Contact us at communications@cammac.ca if you wish to register a child who is 4 1/2 years old.
Take advantage of the 2018 prices until May 1st, 2019. After that date, the 2019 prices will apply. Register now!