Celtic Music and Other Delights!

Celtic Harp, Fiddling, Songs and Dance • Chamber Music • Voice • Piano
In residence: Bozzini String Quartet
Choral work: Requiem (excerpts) by Karl Jenkins

Follow the irresistible call of Celtic music during a week that offers both traditional and classical music. Conductor Patricia Abbott will once again lead the choir in a work by Welsh composer Karl Jenkins: his powerful Requiem. We welcome back Linda Morrison, Sharlene Wallace and the Bozzini String Quartet.

Click here for a preview on what to expect during week four!

Director: Elizabeth Little
Assistant Director: Caroline Tremblay

Choir Accompanist: Geneviève Jalbert

Adult’s Program

Choir 1 — Patricia Abbott
Celtic Songs 1Linda Morrison
A cappella (World Music) — Linda Morrison
Vocal technique1 — Geneviève Proulx
Song Interpretation Masterclass 2 — Geneviève Proulx, Geneviève Jalbert (accompanist)
Piano class 2 — Myriam Bernard
Piano four hands 2 — Myriam Bernard
Celtic harp (intensive) 1 2* — Sharlene Wallace
Celtic fiddling — Laura Risk
Chamber music 2 — Bozzini Quartet, David Yang, Elizabeth Little, Vivianne Bélanger
Orchestra — Mark Latham
Introduction to ensemble playing (strings, winds) — Clemens Merkel (strings), Martin Mangrum (winds)
Flute — Vivianne Bélanger
Recorder1 * — Caroline Tremblay
Wind ensemble — Vivianne Bélanger
Orff1 — Lucie Mayer
Scottish dancing1— Sonya Vallis
Yoga 1Brenda-Lee Wilson

1 Classes suitable for beginners.
2 Classes requiring pre-registration. Please use the appropriate form and provide the required information on the registration form.
* Beginner, intermediate and advanced classes offered for recorder.

Children’s Program

Director/Piano/Choir — Isabelle Vadeboncoeur
Recorder/Chamber Music — Alexa Raine-Wright
Orff — Lucie Mayer
Arts & Crafts —Wanda Lowensteyn
Scottish dance — Sonya Vallis


Classes requiring pre-registration
Some classes require a pre-registration. For those classes, you will need to fill out a registration form (see options below).

It is important to determine beforehand the level of skill of each person participating in musical ensembles, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced. To help you determine your level of skill, please consult our self-grading guides below.

  • Chamber Music
    The chamber music program was designed for experienced amateurs who have a good handle on sight reading and play either piano or an orchestra instrument. Those who are registered for the chamber music course will have to prioritize music chamber over the rest of their schedules. The following levels of skill are required to sign up:
    • Strings : intermediate and advanced
    • Winds : advanced
    • Piano : advanced (limit of four pianists in week 1). Priority will be given to full groups which have been formed in advance, with a limit of one preformed group per person (you may also be place in non-formed groups). Group members will be advised as to which ensembles they have been assigned, given them sufficient time to prepare a piece before their arrival at the Music Centre.
    Applications received after the registration deadlines will be considered. However, room cannot be guaranteed. In week 1, less advanced string and wind musicians will be given an initiation course on musical ensembles. Pianists (intermediate and advanced) who will not find room in the chamber music courses will have the option of signing up to piano and piano four hands courses.
  • Advanced piano, piano 4 hands
  • Song Interpretation Masterclass
    The course is reserved to those who have had previous training in classical singing as well as having a prepared repertoire (lieder, French melodies, opera excerpts, etc.). These seats are limited to 12 per week.
  • Intensive Celtic Harp
    You must bring your own harp or rent one. We recommend Vixen Harps in Ottawa: 613-422-4155 or info@vixenharps.com.

Self-Grading Guides
To help you determine your level of skill, please consult the following guides:

Participants must bring their own instruments. You can purchase plastic Yamaha soprano and alto records at our Tuck Shop. It is possible to rent a viola da gamba (week 2) or a Celtic harp (week 4). For the viols, please check the appropriate box on the registration form. For Celtic harps, please contact Kathy Elarte at Vixen Harps in Ottawa at 613-422-4155 or info@vixenharps.com for costs and instructions.

Bursaries are offered by CAMMAC to participants who are facing a delicate financial situation. To apply for a bursary, please fill in and submit the following application form before May 1st 2016.

You can also download our Bursary Application form (PDF), fill it in and send it over by mail or by email. Thank you!


Discover our dynamic team of teachers who all look forward to welcoming you at the music centre! To find out more about each member of our staff,  click on their photo and read their bio.


Vivianne Bélanger
Myriam Bernard
Bozzini Quartet
Genevieve Jalbert
Mark Latham
Wanda Lowensteyn
Martin Mangrum
Linda Morrison
Genevieve Proulx
Alexa Raine-Wright
Alexa Raine-Wright
Laura Risk
Caroline Tremblay
Isabelle Vadeboncoeur
Sharlene Wallace
Brenda-Lee Wilson
David Yang


The rates provided below representative of a one-week stay. Taxes are included.

Music Program


Student (12 to 21 years old)


Child (4 to 11 years old)

1st child: $387

2nd child: $310

3rd child: $271

Accommodation (Meal Plan Included)
Main Lodge

Adult: $922

Student: $602

Child: $182


Adult: $728

Student: $520

Child: $182


A few private rooms and bathrooms are available upon request.

  • Private room : $415
  • Private bathroom : $297
Additional Options
Camping (No Meal Plan)

Adult: $192

Student: $159

Child: Free

Meal Plan

Adult and student: $362

Child: $182


To sign up, you can click on “Register Now” and complete your registration online via our secured website.

You can also download our registration form (PDF), fill it in and send it over by mail or by email. Thank you!

You may reserve a spot in advance by placing a deposit. An amount of $150 per participant, per week, plus membership fees (if relevant) will automatically be calculated and charged. Please note that you can find more information on our refund policy in our FAQ section.

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