Singers' Delight, Chamber Music & Classical Guitar

Choral Music, Voice, Chamber Music (+ Advanced Chamber Music), Classical Guitar
In residence:  Trio Fibonacci
Choral Works:  Fauré Requiem and French Opera Choruses with Orchestra

Our classical choral music week is getting a facelift this year! Singers will prepare a complete performance with orchestra of the beloved Fauré Requiem as well as French opera choruses, with a number of opportunities for solo singing. For the first time, singers will also have the chance to sing in small vocal ensembles (1 to a part). In addition to our regular (non-auditioned) chamber music program, we are also offering an auditioned chamber music program for advanced players. Everyone gets to play in the orchestra in the evening. Coaches will be added as registration numbers warrant. This week also features the summer’s only classical guitar classes.

Programs for adults

Choir for all (Fauré, opera choruses) 1
Small vocal ensembles 2
Vocal technique 1
Song interpretation 2
Theory and solfège 1*
Recorder 1*
Advanced chamber music 2 – NEW
Chamber music
Classical guitar 1*
Orff 1
Active listening 1
Dance for teens 1
Zumba for adults 1
Yoga 1

1 Classes suitable for beginners
2 Classes requiring pre-registration.
*Beginner, intermediate and advanced classes offered for theory and solfège, recorder and classical guitar.

Programs for children

Director (Recorder, Chamber Music) – Lucie Bouchard
Piano/Choir – Geneviève Boulanger
Arts & crafts – Anne-Marie Jeannotte
Dance – Stefanie Ammendolea
Orff – Sylvie Lamanque