CAMMAC-Montreal offers many activities for amateur musicians all year round. Come and share the joy of making music!





An invitation from the CAMMAC Symphony Orchestra:

You are invited to join the CAMMAC Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Jean-Pierre Brunet and Geoffroy Michaud-Beaulieu, in preparation for two concerts that will be remembered for years to come!

We are mainly looking for musicians to fill in or add into the following sections of our orchestra: Violin, Alto, Cello, Double Bass, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, French Horn, Bassoon and Percussion.




What does the new year hold for CAMMAC? We’ll be celebrating CAMMAC’s 70th anniversary with many occasions for you to get together to play, sing and enjoy music in our regions and at the CAMMAC Music Centre. From exciting opportunities to play with the CAMMAC Symphony Orchestra to programs and concerts at Lake MacDonald, we hope that you’ll join us this year to help us honour the legacy of our founders.


CAMMAC-Montreal holds Sunday afternoon sight readings on a monthly basis for both members and non-members, featuring instrumental and choral works, from September to May.

For some typical photos of these readings, click here.


November 26 reading of the Weihnachtsoratorium


Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs is a system for musicians to meet up and practice together (duet, trio, foursome, etc.). 

To add your name to the list, send your contact information to montreal@cammac.ca, specifying your instrument and level.

Your contact information will not be shared with the public at large, only with the other Musical Chairs members.