Musical Chairs Program

Bringing Musicians Together

Through Chamber Music.


Are you looking to play chamber music with fellow musicians?
The Musical Chairs program was designed to help musicians
find each other for the pure pleasure of making music.



Our Mission:

Musical Chairs is all about bringing musicians together within the CAMMAC community to play and enjoy chamber music easily. We want to help musicians find each other, play together, and share their love for music, no matter their experience level, and all for free. Our goal is to make playing music with others simple and fun, welcoming everyone who wants to join.

Our Vision
We dream of making Musical Chairs the best place in CAMMAC for anyone who wants to play chamber music. We see a future where finding people to play music with is easy for everyone, from beginners to experienced musicians. We want to create a friendly and diverse community where music brings us together, helping us make friends and enjoy new musical adventures.

How It Works

Joining Musical Chairs is easy and fun! Here’s what happens when you sign up:

  1. Sign Up: First, you add your name to our list. This list helps everyone find each other.
  2. Find Friends: Once you’re on the list, you can see other musicians who want to play music together. You can pick people near you or someone who likes the same music.
  3. Play Music: There’s no set schedule. You decide when and where you want to meet up with others to play music. It’s all about having fun and making music your way.
  4. What’s Next: As more people join, we’ll start offering additional activities such as chamber music coaching and maybe even put on a concert if lots of us are interested.

Musical Chairs is all about making friends through music. Come join us and let’s make some music together!


Join Us:

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