Welcome to CAMMAC Ottawa-Gatineau! There’s lots on offer each year for amateur vocal and instrumental musicians to expand their musical repertoire – or enjoy again some of the old standards.

Typical Activities
  • Audience Participation – Our Come Sing Messiah invites everyone to join the chorus in this magnificent oratorio. You can watch the 2012 performance of our Messiah on YouTube.
  • Readings – These are 2 – 3 hours in length, usually scheduled on weekends, and may be for voice, instruments, or both. They offer the opportunity for those participating to perform music that is likely new to them. Emphasis is on repertoire, rather than on attaining a polished performance.
  • Annual Concert – This is an opportunity to learn a major work in some depth over a period of several weeks, leading to a public performance.  This is an opportunity to perform with an orchestra (for singers) and perform with a choir (for instrumentalists).
  • Workshops – These usually include an instructional component, and may be for voice or instruments, over a half or full day.
Connect with Other Musicians

If you are interested in connecting with other amateur musicians in the region to sing or play with, you may wish to join our Musical Chairs list.

If you would like to find a choir to sing with, an orchestra or band to play with, or other musical activities, please consult our list of Musical Groups in the region.


We regularly communicate with our members via email about up-coming CAMMAC events. We no longer publish a newsletter but you can follow us on Facebook which includes notices about CAMMAC events as well as other amateur music activities in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. You can submit your notices for our Facebook page to ottawagatineau@cammac.ca, or leave a message with the Facebook administrator.

Our Committee

Planning our activities requires the work of a team of volunteers and members of the Regional Management Committee.  The members of the Regional Management Committee are elected each year at the Annual Regional Meeting – on-going renewal of the committee is needed. If you would like to volunteer or consider a place on the committee, please contact us.

Contacts and Membership

If you would like additional information or if you would like to offer suggestions or comments, please contact us at: ottawagatineau@cammac.ca.

To join CAMMAC please refer to the “Become a Member” page.

Planning 2021/22.
– Continuously available: Come Sing Messiah! A virtual celebration.
– During the COVID-19 situation we are not accepting donations of used music
Other Local Events
The following sites provide information about other musical activities in our region:
Our Facebook page
Classical Music Ottawa
Ottawa Spotlight
Used Music Sale
One of our fund-raising projects is the sale of used music. Donations of sheet music, music books, CDs, and music DVDs are usually welcome.
However since our sales normally take place at CAMMAC activities and these are all cancelled due to the Covid-19 situation, we are no longer accepting donations until CAMMAC activities resume.