The DVD is a documentary based on the 2012 performance of ‘Come Sing Messiah’ on 7 December 2012. It celebrates the 25th anniversary of CAMMAC’s sponsorship of the event and was produced by Burman Productions in Montreal.  The first part tells the story of that day’s performance in a series of audio and video impressions and interviews with the main participants. The second part features uncut renderings of some of the arias and choruses of the performance. The total running time amounts to 72 minutes. Note however that the DVD contains a number of ‘bonus tracks’, namely interviews and shorter musical excerpts, that are not part of the version on Youtube.

The DVD is available at ‘The Leading Note’, 370 Elgin Street, Ottawa, and Granata Music, 1558 Merivale Rd., Nepean.    It can also be purchased at events organized by CAMMAC’s Ottawa-Gatineau region as well as CAMMAC’s Lake MacDonald Music Centre during the times when there are scheduled CAMMAC events.

The price of the DVD is $25, including all taxes.

Here is a  trailer of the DVD.