Musical Chairs is a list of amateur musicians in the Ottawa-Gatineau region who want to meet others to play with. Whether you play an instrument or sing, the Musical Chairs list can help you find partners. It’s open to anyone in the Ottawa-Gatineau area (within 100 km), and it’s free. Of course, we hope you’ll also consider joining Cammac, where you’ll find workshops, choral events, and orchestra readings.

The Musical Chairs list looks like this:

Name Email Tel. District Instrument / Voice Playing level Sight-Reading Level Interest
Jean Cammac 555-123-4567 Sandy Hill Oboe 2 b Looking for a regular group. Prefer Baroque music.

When you join, you receive a copy of the current Musical Chairs list, and you can start contacting people for informal music-making sessions. You can be very involved and organize frequent gatherings, you can organize occasional sessions, or you can wait for someone to contact you.

Click here to sign up for Musical Chairs.
If you have questions, contact Ellen.

What happens to your information

The list is circulated to those who have signed up, not to the entire Cammac membership. We don’t sell your contact information or share it with outside organizations. We will, however, use it to let you know about opportunities to play or sing with others:
• Cammac organizers have access to the list, and use it occasionally to recruit players for specific events. (Example: We need more trumpets for the upcoming orchestra reading! Are there any on the Musical Chairs list that we could invite?)
• With your consent, we’ll also add your name to our email list, so that you learn about upcoming Cammac events such as chamber music workshops or choir readings. (If you’re a Cammac member, you already receive these emails.)

Tips for finding music

Need music for a specific combination? Use one of the thousands of free, legal scores available on sites such as the International Music Score Library Project or the Choral Public Domain Library.

Or take advantage of the extensive sheet music collections at the University of Ottawa and Carleton University libraries. In each catalogue you can limit the results of your search to musical scores only.

Alumni have full borrowing privileges.
If you are a cardholder at the Ottawa Public Library, you can get a free “SmartLibrary” card at any OPL branch that will allow you to borrow material from either University library.
Other members of the general public cannot borrow music from the University libraries, but can photocopy material for personal use.