Remember the party game in which you move around a circle of one fewer chairs than players until the music stops, and one of the players is left standing? Our musical chairs works the other way around.

It is an opportunity for those members who wish to make music with others to fill their empty musical chairs. CAMMAC’s membership list has always been a source of instrumentalists and singers you could call to help you put together a group to make music. Musical Chairs goes one better by listing those members who are willing to join you in a pick-up or permanent group. You need only ask.


If you want to put together a group of musicians to play with, but have little or no music for that combination, visit:

the Toronto Reference Library

789 Yonge St.,
(across the street from the eastern border of Yorkville between Bloor and Church/Davenport Streets.)

Although it is a non-lending, reference library for all book materials, it has over 40,000 scores of music, of which over half can be loaned from the library – more than enough to bring your musical chairs to life!

Join the List

If you are a CAMMAC member, call 647-458-0213 or e-mail Gerald Martindale:

  • your name
  • your telephone number
  • your locatiion (city, nearest major intersection)
  • your instrument or voice
  • your level of proficiency

and you will be added to the list.

Get the list

Upon joining the musical chairs, you will receive the current Musical Chairs list, so that you can start calling people right away to put together those informal music-making sessions.

If you are a CAMMAC member, and would like a current Musical Chairs list, call 647-458-0213 or e-mail Gerald Martindale.