All CAMMAC members receive Newsletters from the Region in which they are a member. CAMMAC Toronto Region members receive 5 Newsletters between September and June.  Notification is sent by email to visit the CAMMAC Toronto Region pages and read the latest Newsletter online.

The Newsletter contains:

  • articles such as introductions to composers
  • spotlights on musical groups such as choirs, orchestras, or smaller ensembles
  • classifieds for CAMMAC member concerts, music-making opportunities and miscellaneous
  • local CAMMAC Toronto news
  • other miscellaneous news items
Current Newsletter

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Sept 2022

April – June’22

Feb – Mar’22

Dec’21 – Jan’22

Oct – Nov’21

Sept 2021

Previous newsletters, dating back to 2008-2009, are archived here.

The Newsletter is in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf file). If you don’t already have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, it can be obtained from Adobe’s webpage.


CAMMAC members are invited to submit a short piece about a favourite piece of music, a notice of a concert or playing opportunity, or an advertisement in the Newsletter.

All submissions should be made to

Phone: 705 877 8837

Submission Deadlines

For the 2021/22 year, the deadline for submissions to the Newsletter are as follows:

Deadline: For issue:
August 15, 2021 September
September 15, 2021 October/November
November 15, 2021 December/January
January 15, 2022 February/March
March 15, 2022 April/May/June
August 15, 2022 September

Non-profit or community organizations may place a 3-4 line advertisement for free in the small print section.

Professional, for-profit, or other musical organizations may submit an advertisement at the following rates:

  • Full page ad: $90 (only if space available)
  • Half page ad: $50
  • Quarter page ad: $30